The Sexiest Latina in Mexico (Famous Women)

 The Sexiest & Hot Latina in Mexico (Famous Women)


Mexico is stunning and also a country where you will find the famous sexiest women in the whole world. Therefore, if you are making a list of sexiest and famous women in the world, Mexico City is the perfect and best place to start.

These Mexican sexiest women are dark and outspoken with charming faces, gorgeous eyes, and with their bodies curved.

From the eyes that somebody who appreciates beauty would desire to be lost inside, to the very wonderful and faultless facial compositions, these Mexican sexiest women have everything.

Discussed here are 11 sexiest and famous women in Mexico.

1. Claudia Salinas


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Claudia is famous in Mexico for her generous assignment to kids and the support she is providing for the town she was born.

Miss Salinas as she is affectionately called has an attractive pair of sexy legs and she is just 5’8” tall.

In 2011, Claudia Salinas was listed among the sexiest and most beautiful women in the word by the FHM.

2. Priscila Perales


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Priscila Perales is best described as a model, actress, and beauty queen. In 2007, she contested for Miss International and won the title.

Parales Priscila was the number one in the Desirable Mexican women celebrities ranking. Also in 2006, Perales contested at the Miss World and was among the 10 best contestants.

With many other beauty awards to her credit, Priscila Parales is certainly among the sexiest Mexican women any time any day.

3. Paulina Rubio Dosamantes

Paulina Rubio as she is popularly called is a model, hostess, actress, singer, and businesswoman of repute. She is one of the authentic members of a popular pop group from 1981 to 1991.

Rubio was listed among the top 10 Sexiest and famous Pop Divas in Mexico and was considered to be among the most dominant celebs in the universe.

4. Maite Perroni Beorlegui


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Perroni is a songwriter, singer, model, and actress from Mexico who is popular for the role she played in many shows. She is beautiful, with good behavior, and pretty sexy.

In 2016, Perroni was awarded the most outstanding actress and she is among the most popular Mexican singers and actresses.

With her beauty and achievements, Maite Perroni is unquestionably among the sexiest attractive Mexican women celebrities.

5. Selena Gomez


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Gomez is a beautiful singer, the most beautiful woman in the world, and the sexiest Mexican woman of the moment.

Also, at the age of 17, Selena Gomez was made an ambassador to UNICEF. At the moment on Instagram, Selena has the highest number of followers in the universe.

Selena is operating her clothing business together with acting and singing. A collection of hand bangs known as Selana Grace was designed and distributed by her.

6. Jimena Navarrete


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Navarrete Ximena is a model and actress. This beautiful and sexy woman began her career success by winning laurels in beauty competitions and pageants all over the world.

The came 2009, Jimena won a Mexico award and in 2010, she also contested for the Miss World title and won.

At the end of her reign as Miss Universe, Jimena began modelling and modelled for many products and companies.

7. Daniela de Jesus Cosio


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Since Daniela started her modelling business, she has been a symbol and figure of physical excellence in Mexico.

Daniela de Jesus Cosio is a fashion model and one of the sexiest and most popular women celebrities in Mexico.

Her beauty and sexy nature made her contest in the Nuestra Belleza Mexico National Beauty Pageant in 2005 after which she started her modelling business.

Daniela de Jesus Cosio was not just blessed with an eye-catching face and sexy body, she is also wealthy. No wonder she was ranked as the 25th-richest model of the year 2016 in Mexico.

8. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is an attractive and beautiful Mexican woman whose body is capable of melting the planet. She is a model, film actress, and producer.

She started her acting career in Mexico starring in many films and her excellent performance in those films made her to be nominated for the Ariel Award.

With her achievements and beauty, Salma Hayek is certainly among the sexiest women in Mexico.

9. Aleida Nuñez Flores

Aleida is a popular Mexican model, singer, and actress, singer of valor. In her teenage years, Flores was a play queen in many provincial contests.

Aleida Araceli won the second position in a 1994 contest. She started her line of business by anchoring many television programs. Also, before she started acting, Aleida was a leading advertising model.

10. Mariana Bayón


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Mariana Bayó is a model and one of the sexiest women in Mexico. This Mexican model is famous because she was the number woman to have won the maiden edition of the Next Top Model in Mexico.

A notable modelling company in Mexico offered Maiana Bayon an appointment after her victory. She is very tall at 5’10” with a set of attractive legs.

11. Blanca Soto

Blanca Soto is an actress with solid cheekbones and lime eyes. She became famous in 1997 when she participated in a renowned Mexican beauty pageant.

She won the competition and was then chosen to represent Mexico at the Miss Universe and Miss World contests.

Blanca Soto’s career later took her to the television, where she acted in different interesting movies for which won her the best actress in 2011.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about the fact that Mexico is blessed with beautiful and sexy women. At one time or the other, you will find many of these popular sexy women working as actresses and models either for themselves or for leading companies in Mexico.

It is of a strong belief that there are many beautiful and sexy women in Mexico. However, we have identified and listed the top sexiest and popular ones among them.

These women are sexy, attractive, desirable, and also successful in their different chosen careers.

Many of these sexiest women in Mexico are dominating the film and fashion industry owing to their sex appeal and hot appearances.

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