When you’ve decided to have breast augmentation in Wellington, your next step is carefully choosing the right implant size. Your physician will work with you closely during the preoperative process to help you select implants that work with your body shape and support your aesthetic goals. Think about these key factors to ensure you’ll be pleased with the results of this cosmetic procedure.

3 Implant Size Factors to Consider for Breast Augmentation in Wellington

1. Available Sizes of Implants

First, you should understand how doctors measure the size of breast implants. Although you might have a specific cup size in mind for your augmentation, the available implants don’t exactly correlate to bra cup sizes. Instead, physicians use cubic centimeters, or cc, to describe the liquid volume of the implants. The most common size range is about 125 to 500 cc, and many people select 300 or 400 cc implants.

You can get implants as small as 85 ccs for a natural look, and the Food and Drug Administration approves implants of up to 800 cc as safe for cosmetic use. Some people do an easy experiment using rice to try out different implant sizes. If you’re considering 300 cc implants, for example, you can measure 300 cc of rice into the cut-off foot of a nylon stocking to see how that particular size looks and feels under your clothing.

2. Body Shape and Size

Research published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that higher-volume breast implants correlated with a higher risk of complications, especially in cases with a large ratio between the patient’s body mass index and the size of the breast implants. If you’re petite with a small frame, choosing smaller implants can potentially reduce the likelihood of complications such as asymmetry.

During your presurgical consultation, the healthcare provider will perform a comprehensive physical exam. They’ll measure your current breast size, the width of your shoulders, your weight, and your frame to recommend the appropriate size for your implants.

3. Lifestyle

Your daily activities and lifestyle play a role in the best breast implants for you. If you frequently run or play team sports, larger implants may hamper your ability to participate to the full extent of your abilities. On the other hand, if you want a more dramatic look and tend to lead a less athletic lifestyle, stepping up from the smaller implants to a larger set could be the right decision.

A breast augmentation lasts about 10 years, so picture your life and activities over that period to inform your decision. Remember that physical changes will continue to affect your breasts, so the appearance of the implants will likely change over time. For example, if you gain weight after getting implants, your breasts could get larger.

By considering these three factors, you can make the right choice about breast implant size before your upcoming augmentation, avoiding the need for a future revision surgery. Many people find they feel more confident and comfortable in their skin after having this type of cosmetic procedure.

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