About Us

Who We Are

Nice to meet you! We are an online medical website located near Montreal City. Since our beginnings in 2016, I Need Medic has evolved from a fledging startup to a complete online source as a result of a hard-working and creative team.

What We Value

Our values ​​are sharing, accomplishing, boldness and credibility. We want to share with you the best information completely free of charge. We are devout researchers as well as specialists in our field.

Our Mission

Offer the best information you can get from the internet, this is how we think. Whether it’s a guide, how-to, medical information or just to have a different opinion about your problem or concern. Our team will be happy to answer you on our forums or via the many options to contact us.

The team

A Bit More About Us

     Nicolas Desjardins searched the internet for a long time on specific topics without really finding the answer to my questions, which is why I decided to design the best that I could draw from my experience. I worked for a long time as a researcher in computer science, I have more than 17 years of experience in the field. Our team is just as competent or more than anything we can find.

     The team I Need Medic, Sind and I are located in Canada. We have the most professional web builder and devoted researchers, as well as exceptional writers. Personally, I really enjoy trying new recipes, that’s why I decided to put a category dedicated to the food and the best recipe I know. You can even suggest to me a recipe of your own so that I can test it and then put it on the website, obviously, your name is the chef of this recipe.

Medical Information

      We take our information from official sources and we try to put all the sources available when we put an article about that related content. This is really important for medical subjects. We have a great and strong community on our forums as well as our social media and we would love to count you in.

Give Us Your Feedback

     You can contact us directly by email or via our “contact us” page and, of course, you can write on the forum directly so that everyone can see what you think of our website.

Our platform “I Need Medic” has been founded by Nicolas Desjardins from SIND based in Canada.

Thanks to be a part of the community  “I Need Medic”.

Our email address: [email protected]

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