Styling your hair can be a great way to switch up your everyday look, but styling your hair in the morning can add a lot of time to your routine. So, applying easy and quick styling can save you time while making you look and feel fabulous. We have five hairstyles you should try for your medium length hair!

Hairstyle #1

Dutch braided bangs are the perfect solution for second day hair. A dutch braid is basically an inside out french braid. First, use a smoothing cream or spray to keep any flyaway hairs from popping out. To start the braid, you will want to section out your bangs along the line you want the braid to follow. Then separate that section into three equal parts. Take the front section and pass it under the middle section, then take the back section and pass it under the middle section. With your thumb, take a small piece of hair from the front to add to the front section of the braid and pass it under the middle section again. Next, add a small piece of hair from the back to the back section and pass it under the middle section. Try your best to keep the sections pulled tight so the braid won’t fall out as you’re braiding. Repeat this process until you reach just above your ear. Clip the braid into place with bobby pins, a hair clip, or barrette. You can then loosen the braid to your desired look or keep it tight, it’s up to you! Finish off the hairstyle with dry texture spray to give an effortless look.

Hairstyle #2

The next hairstyle to try is two twists tied together with an elastic band in the back of your head. This hairstyle is the perfect way to pull back hair that has fallen flat, revealing the bottom section of your hair. First section out your hair on the top into two even sections; one on the left side and one on the right side. Take one section and twist it tightly to your head towards the back, clip into place as you do the other side. Repeat the twisting motion on the other section. Take both sections of hair and tie together with an elastic band. You could then use a bow, scrunchie, or  barrette on the small ponytail to really add flair to this look. This hairstyle is such a simple and quick way to make your hair look cute!

Hairstyle #3

A dutch braid with a top knot is another easy hairstyle to try out! Follow the steps to create your dutch braid, but do it closer to the top of your head. Once your dutch braid is complete, combine it with the rest of your hair in a simple top knot. To make a top knot, put your hair into a ponytail then take the ponytail and twist it. Take the twisted ponytail and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Then, pin the top knot into place with bobby pins. If you want a messy look, pull some of the pieces of the bun and braid to loosen them. Use hairspray to hold the bun and braid into place. Add a scrunchie or bow to the top knot to make this easy hairstyle even cuter!

Hairstyle #4

A criss cross ponytail is a fast and easy way to spruce up your traditional ponytail. To create this hairstyle, separate a small amount of hair that is closest to your face on both sides of your head. Pull the rest of your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Bring the two pieces that frame your face and criss cross them over top of the base of the ponytail. Bring the ends under the base and secure them with another elastic band. Make sure the elastic is completely under the first ponytail so it isn’t visible. Now you are ready to go out with an elevated ponytail that is super simple to complete. Add hair clips or barrettes on the sides of the ponytail to add an even cuter look to this hairstyle.

Hairstyle #5

The last hairstyle is rope twisted bangs into a low side bun. First, use smoothing cream or spray to keep flyaway hairs against your head. To create this hairstyle, part your bangs away from the rest of your hair. Take this part and section it into two equal parts. Take the back section and cross under the front section. Repeat this motion but add some hair into the back section each time as you braid down the side of your head. Finish the rope twist when you are at the spot on your head that you want your bun to be. Use an elastic to secure the rope twist. Put the rest of your hair and the hair from the rope twist into a ponytail. Wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail to create your bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Loosen the rope twist and bun if you desire a more messy look. Use hairspray to hold the rope twist and bun into place. To make this look even more fabulous, wrap a hair scarf around the bun, use a scrunchie, or place a bow on the bun.

Simple and Quick Hairstyles Are the Way to Go

Now that you know how to complete these hairstyles, which one will you go for? We recommend trying them all, as they are all fabulous and simple to pull off! The best thing about these hairstyles is that you can take components from each of them and create new looks. If you love a dutch braid, try it with a ponytail! If you love the ease of the criss cross ponytail, try it with a bun instead. Try some new hair accessories to really pull any look together. Sometimes we don’t feel like doing our hair, but it just doesn’t look its best unstyled, especially if you’re on second or third day hair after washing. That’s where these simple and quick hairstyles come in!

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