How Instagram affects our mood, sleep, mental health and relationships

In the 21st century, it is difficult to find a person who would not be registered in at least one social network. Instagram has become a part of modern people’s lives. Even it is very surprising to know how many blog posts are published per day. The Internet is consuming most of our valuable time. Let’s know how Instagram affects users’ lives and what imprint it leaves on each of us.

Disadvantages of using the social network

First let’s name the main cons of using Instagram:

  1. Dependency. Each user has a different degree of this problem. But unfortunately, it’s true. Knowing how much time do people spend on social media is really frustrating. People are really tied to social networks nowadays and every free minute they use looking through their Instagram feed or watch someone’s Stories. This fact poisons life because a huge amount of time is spent on the social network, which can be spent with benefits.
  2. Deterioration of self-esteem. On the platform, users post photos and idealize them, creating competition. The blogger begins to compare himself with other users, reads unpleasant comments from subscribers, because of which his own merits are underestimated and only shortcomings are highlighted. As a result, if the user’s self-esteem is underestimated, the quality of life deteriorates greatly. But do not worry much about this, because you can always remove fake accounts, whose subscribers only “spoil” your life.
  3. Hypocrisy. Since the users are trying to gain more likes and subscriptions, they have to pretend. People try to seem perfect, but it’s impossible. The user is always nervous, trying to turn out in the photo without a single flaw.

Instagram Benefits

There are the main advantages of this social network:

  1. Instagram not only underestimates but also increases a person’s self-esteem. Yeah, don’t be surprised! Imagine that people respond positively to photos, posts or stories, and leave pleasant compliments. The author will be madly pleased, therefore, his self-esteem will increase, and at the same time, his quality of life will improve. And remember to make using Instagram more pleasant and useful you always have a chance to delete all fake followers.
  2. Instagram can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Seeing a photo of a girl with an ideal body, the blogger will strive to look better. There are many authors on Instagram who motivate subscribers to develop and achieve their goals. Watching their blogs and progress, audiences will also want to engage themselves.
  3. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends. In the network, you can find people with the same interests, of the same age, with similar values and goals. And in order to be safe, use a special program for recognizing fake accounts.
  4. The author will become better photographed. If the user keeps a profile for the sake of aesthetics, beautiful photos and posts, he will have to try to take pictures better and better. And to raise the high level of making photos, you need to study the topic. Therefore, the blogger will train to take professional photos, and over time the pictures will turn out to be more beautiful.
  5. There will be an opportunity to earn money. If the blog interests people who begin to sign, support the author, like, repost, and comment on publications, for this the blogger will be able to receive money. To make the page popular, you will have to invest a lot of effort and time in promoting the blog. High-quality posts are usually written for a long time (although it depends on the topic), the process of making beautiful photos is sometimes delayed for a whole day.
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