Common Skin Problem

Common Skin problems

The skin’s a very important role as a big barrier to chemicals and other contaminants entering the body. Skin problems may disrupt this barrier function.

The skin is constantly renewing itself. It means that new cells are formed everyday on the lower layer of skin which slowly move upward. After some time, they reach the surface of the skin, these cells are dead and are removed daily.We always some some skin everyday even if we don’t see it. With age, this process of cell renewal slows down. The dead cell layer remains longer on the surface of the skin, giving the skin a dull and old look. This skin feels more rough and scaly. 

Skin diseases and conditions :

  • acne

  • sunburn

  • dry skin

  • actinic keratosis 

  • athlete’s foot (caused by fungi)

  • contact dermatitis (it is normally caused by direct contact with a toxic substance)

  • diaper rash (caused by skin irritation from prolonged contact with urine and poop)

  • eczema ( inflammation of the skin)

  • hyperhidrosis ( excessive sweating )

  • psoriasis (it affects the life cycle of skin cells)

  • rosacea ( the facial skin appears red )

  • warts (small growths on the skin caused by a virus : papillomavirus)

Some skin problems are caused or made worse by exposure to coming into contact with substances such as chemicals and having wet hands for long periods, while at work or outside. Dermatitis (Eczema) is by far the most common, but urticaria are also problem that can occurs frequently. A lot of exposure to the sun can also cause problems.Plain and simple, eczema represents irritated skin, mostly resulting in itching and redness, this can really hurt after a hot shower in example. Eczema is long lasting and flares up periodically based on certain triggers and situations. It affects all ages. Cause of eczema is currently unknown.

There’s many types of skin disorders.

Pigmentary Brown spots that look like freckles are often seen. These are larger, bigger and more irregular than freckles. They are sometimes called senile freckles. They are the result of skin damage from long exposure to the sunlight. If the freckles become larger or thicker or develop a crust you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. A skin cancer has to be excluded but sometime it happens. Senile freckles can be removed easily by freezing, electro-surgery or the application of certain chemicals.

Almost every pregnant woman will get some kind of marks, which are red streaks that run down your belly or breasts. They’re more likely to appear if you gain weight rapidly, this is normal. Follow your professional recommendation regarding weight gain. However, getting stretch marks sometimes just comes from genetics. Your body goes through enormous changes during pregnancy.Some women get also more hair on some parts of the body. Most skin conditions are more bothersome than anything. But tell your doctor’s about your symptoms to get better results and to find potential


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