Cold sore: how to camouflage it?

What is a cold sore?

The other two popular terms for cold sores are fever blister or HSV-1 herpes. This disease is very popular in our society. Almost the entire world population has been in contact with this common infection. Often, the cold sore appears when you have a cold, menstruate or when you are under acute stress. Sometimes there is no reason for our cold sore to come back on its own.

It is very unpleasant to discover that you have a cold sore push just before an appointment or a party. It is difficult to be good with this little button on the edge of the lip. There is no good time to have a cold sore.

Otherwise called Herpes HSV-1, this sexually transmitted disease directly through the skin is very common in America. Very often, we are carriers of the disease without ever developing it. Very rarely this type of herpes is on the private parts, but it is not impossible.

How to hide a cold sore in a few easy ways?

Many beauticians strongly advise against putting makeup directly on a cold sore or badly skinned. Often, makeup prevents cold sores from healing properly or quickly.

It is extremely difficult to hide a cold sore when there is still fluid coming out. It is recommended to wait before using a concealer, only apply it when the wound is in the advanced stage, which means in healing mode.

The best ways to hide and cure a cold sore in your mouth:

  • Never touch the button, let it breathe
    Use a healing cream of the Cicalfate type
  • Use of an antiviral medication at the start of symptoms
  • Use of a cold sore bandage (sanitizing patch)
  • Makeup at the last stage of the pimple (on healing)
  • Home remedies (honey for example)

Some cold sore bandages exist on the market. When applied to the cold sore, it can be made up without any problem afterwards. It is a small round plastic bandage that allows the cold sore to heal and to be able to apply makeup to the bandage to make the cold sore almost invisible. Many people use this method, it helps to be better even when you have a cold sore.

There are several antiviral products and medications to reduce the spread of cold sores or to completely prevent cold sore outbreaks.

When the outline of your mouth hurts or starts itching, you can ask your doctor for an antiviral medication to greatly reduce the next cold sore so that you do not have any discharge from it. This type of medication is often prescribed.

How to recognize a cold sore?

The cold sore is easy to recognize. It almost always develops on the edge of the mouth, but it can be elsewhere. It burns the skin before it even appears and can leak afterwards when it is fully developed.

Many people get a cold sore (HSV-1 herpes) when they drink from the same glass as an infected person. This disease is very common except for newborns. It can be fatal, for example when the pregnant woman has her first outbreak of herpes and the newborn catches it at birth.

These kinds of pimples usually return 1-2 times a year when you have this disease.

How long does a cold sore take to heal?

If you never touch the button in all its phases, it can heal in about 5 to 8 days without leaving any marks. The problem comes from the fact that a cold sore is very unpleasant and that it tingles a lot. The pimple can last much longer if it is scratched or removed from the gall that forms on top. The less you touch it, the faster it heal.

How to prevent cold sores or any kind of pimples on the face?

Using a mild skin soap can go a long way in helping to develop cold sores. Maintaining good facial hygiene is very beneficial in countering cold sores. You can clean your face 1 to 3 times a day without a problem. The cleaner the skin, the faster it will heal.

The best home remedy for cold sores:

  • Honey is an excellent ally against cold sores. Honey has proven antiseptic properties. Simply apply a drop of honey on the pimple to appear and clean it for 5 to 15 minutes thereafter, make sure to wash your hands before and after.

What are the other types of herpes?

There is also herpes HSV-2, otherwise called genital herpes. This type of herpes is less common than cold sores but just as contagious. One touch with the small herpes pimples and you are almost sure to catch it afterwards.

This type of sexually transmitted disease is very often on the private parts. Sometimes it can be elsewhere on the body, the neck or the thighs for example. I advise you to speak with your sexual partner that you have this disease to be able to protect yourself well. Even with a condom, you can get this condition if you have direct skin contact. The scrotum or anus is another popular place.

There is no way to cure herpes, but you can live perfectly all your life with it. This disease is widespread worldwide, even in industrialized countries. The important thing is to learn to live with cold sores, and very often the appearance of pimples is done only 1 to 2 times a year.

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