1. In the year 1999, the government of the United States of America had to pay around 16 million dollars to the family of Abraham Zapruder, who is well known for the actual footage of the JFK assassination
  1. The reason behind X behind some of the well-known airports (such as LAX) is that when the three-letter coding for airports became a norm, those with two just added an X
  1. Madame Curie’s science notebooks are still radioactive. And those who wish to have an access to them have to sign up on a legal Disclaimer
  1. Legendary film director Quentin Tarantino once played Elvis Presley on ‘The Golden Girls’
  1. Beaver College had to change its name to Arcadia because porn filters started blocking access to its the then school website
  1. There is in fact a basketball court above the Supreme Court in the US
  1. In Portland Oregon, water supply officials had to once drain a whopping eight million gallons of freshwater from a reservoir just because a drunk 21-year-old decided to pee in it
  1. ‘Eleven Plus Twelve’ is an amazing anagram of ‘Eleven Plus Twelve’
  1. After finishing his term in the US presidential office, Lyndon B. Johnson decided to grow his hair long
  1. The current American National Flag was designed by a typical high school student and guess what, his teacher gave him a B Minus
  1. Jonas Salk the inventor of the Polio vaccine, never even tried to get a patent for it
  1. Prairie Dogs say hello to each other by giving kisses
  1. Legendary banker JP Morgan once decided to offer a hundred thousand dollars to anyone who could give a plausible explanation about why his face was so red, apparently, no one was able to solve this puzzle
  1. In a survey, about 60 percent of teens in the UK responded that Sherlock Holmes was a real person while 20 percent said that Winston Churchill was just a fictional character
  1. There was a third Apple founder as well. But he sold his stake for just 800 Dollars in 1976
  1. Your digital devices are more vulnerable to getting infected on a religious website than a hardcore pornography one
  1. Voyager 1 is the sole spacecraft that has left the outer limits of the solar system. As of now, it is on a journey into the interstellar space
  1. Since 1987, 2013 is the first year to have all different digits
  1. Radical Islamic Nation of Iran has the highest number of transsexuals in the whole world
  1. While it is dangerous to drink seawater, having a sip of frozen seawater is not something to be alarmed of as salt atoms do not fit in the crystalline structure of water molecules
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