As we discussed before in our last post about some of the most amazing facts that will blow your mind, today again we have decided to share some more cool facts with our readers. Enjoy!

  • Any one of Shakespeare’s plays is always being carried out anywhere in the world
  • Your heart on average is going to beat a whopping two and a half billion times
  • Every single one of the odd numbers has an ‘e’ in its verbal form
  • Believe it or not, there is a desert in Canada
  • Unicorn is Scotland’s national animal
  • Bananas are on the top of the list of the best-selling items that are sold in Walmart
  • The Us president Abraham Lincoln’s pet dog was also once assassinated
  • Hitler once had an evil plan of killing the British leader, Winston Churchill with chocolate (exploding one of course)
  • A typical Giraffe’s tongue is almost two feet in size
  • George Washington never even lived in the city of Washington DC
  • In case you are interested in living in a hotel made up of ice, don’t worry, there is one
  • Peanuts unlike popular assumption, are not a type of nuts
  • The Sots have well over four hundred words for ‘snow’
  • Yawning is just another form of biological air conditioning
  • The technical name for a hashtag (#) is octothorpe
  • Though we might judge elephants to be slow and whatnot, they have an amazing ability to create complex thought
  • Otters actually hold hands with one another while they sleep
  • One captured turtle was so huge that it weighed an impressive 1 Tonne
  • You produce almost a liter of saliva
  • President Grant was arrested once for speeding on his personal horse
  • On average, a cloud weighs almost a million pounds
  • Female Kangaroos boast 3 number of vaginas
  • ‘Psycho’ for the first time showed the toilet getting flushed on the screen
  • A traffic jam in China lasted around 10 days!
  • Beer used to be considered a soft drink in the Russian Federation
  • The most popular name on the planet is ‘Muhammad’
  • James Fixx, the guy who was the prime proponent of jogging, died while doing so
  • Only about ten percent of the total global population the world is left-handed
  • An elephant is never able to lift all four feet off the ground at the same time.
  • A tribe in West Africa prefers playing football with human skulls
  • An American citizen by the name of Charles Osborne suffered from hiccups for almost 70 years of his whole life
  • Tomato Ketchup was once sold as a medicine
  • The first condom of all time was created in the sixteenth century

We hope that you all liked our list of the most mind-boggling facts. Do leave your feedback and suggestions below in the comment section.

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