If you woke up one day and saw all the hair on your body was missing, would you be happy or sad? We all know you would do anything to ditch those expensive waxing sessions that cost a sweetheart of your checkbook. And we also know that reveling in this joy would mean no hair on your scalp, eyelids, and space above arching them. It’s pretty evident about  which one you would give up!

However, with the way the environment advances and the bad habits we play on, everyone falls prey to hair loss.

So we have Nulastin, which specializes in this business and claims to bring back your locks for good. However there have been some speculations about Nulastin Hair Side Effects for a long time, and it’s time we clear them now!

What Is Nulastin?

The groundbreaking cosmetic brand Nulastin is a reservoir of your beauty. As per Nulastin reviews, the brand offers everything to help build a good skincare routine in place, in case you dont have one. Be it cleansers, hydrating serums, lip balm, moisturizers, or anything else your face needs to look and feel pretty, the brand offers it.

Other than reviving your skin’s freshness, it also delivers a variety of scalp treatments that will assist you in getting those healthy, thick, and strong tresses back. Nulastin is popular in the skincare business for its effective best-selling lash and brow growth serum, breaking the internet everywhere. So, if you have plans for amping up those thin arches or getting fluffy lashes, you better hurry up and get in line!

Nulastin Hair Ingredients

The hero ingredient of Nulastin goes by the name Elastatropin, which is vital in fortifying your hair follicles. The presence of this potent element in this lash serum has great significance. It helps rejuvenate your hair’s condition by addressing the leading cause of hair fall and thereby solving it accordingly. Other ingredients like keracyte are also a part of this composition. SymPeptide is a pentapeptide responsible for thickening the width of your lash strands. This ingredient is one of the most effective ways to get bushy lashes. Keracyte helps restore the lost elastin in your body and awakens the lash follicles and cells, which make your arches longer and more voluminous.

Carbomer, a key ingredient, has been considered a lubricant, eliminating dirt and impurities stuck to your lashes. Phosphate saline is a water-based solution that is associated with repairing damaged cells and filling them up with hydration and shine. 

Nulastin Hair Growth Benefits

  • Diminishes thinning of hair
  • Features keracyte elastin complex, which maintains healthy hair
  • It helps in hiding bald spots and promotes stronger strands
  • It covers up sparse spots
  • Deeply hydrates brows and lashes
  • Prepared from naturally-derived ingredients
  • patented formula contains a complex chain of 600 amino acids
  • Repairs damage done and fortifies all follicles
  • It takes the help of keratin proteins to amp up lash health
  • Delivers bushy and thicker lashes
  • Tested and approved by ophthalmologists
  • Vegan composition, cruelty-free
  • Shows noticeable improvements in 4 to 8 weeks
  • Deeply conditions lash hairs

Does Nulastin Have Side Effects?

The brand mentioned they encountered no adverse side effects while conducting clinical trials on participants. Ensure your product does not touch or go anywhere near your eyes, as it may irritate you. This only happens when you put something somewhere where it is not supposed to be. However, this might be different for everybody because everyone has a different kind of skin. Those with susceptible skin types might experience specific skin allergies.

All those below the age of 18 must steer clear of Nulastin products. Also, the brand has revealed that if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or nursing, you should avoid using these products.

The sole reason is that a detailed study still needs to be done in this field and these stats. People with certain medical conditions should consult their optometrist beforehand before using Nulastin. Consider doing a patch test if you have sensitive skin. Better safe than sorry!

Can Nulastin Change the Eye Color?

The brand’ synergistic ingredients feature two primary patented proteins, which have been handcrafted to enhance the growth of your lashes and brows. Using the produced as directed will cause you no harm or uncertain situations. For example, you must prevent the formula from getting into your eyes. This way, there will be no physiological effect on the color of your eyes.

Many ophthalmic safety tests and evaluations have been done on these products, and none of their results show any potential for causing you to be a victim of ocular irritation to the eyelid or cornea that might result in a change of the eye color or iris.

Is Nulastin Safe to Use?

Nulastin claims to depend on ethically sourced ingredients that have been naturally derived. All these formulas are free from harsh elements liek parabens and gluten and have been clinically tested to be safe for usage. The brand is strict about the safety measures of its clients, so it diminishes the use of ingredients like common allergy-causing preservatives like lanolin, topical antibiotics, and MCI/MI, which might hamper your skin’s protective barrier.

During, as well as after all the clinical evaluations were done, no adverse side effects were reported. In all, the products are cruelty-free and possess a vegan composition.


Word travels fast, and everyone knows the multifold benefits Nulastin hair products have brought, which users can’t shut up about. The brand believes in transparency and has finally come forward to share all there is to know about how serious it is regarding your safety.

You might think this brand is not approved by the FDA, which might cause Nulastin Hair Side Effects. But this is solely because it is a cosmetic brand, not a drug. According to the law, cosmetic products and ingredients do not need a vote of approval from the FDA.

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