Know about the different types of backless body suits:

Sensual, insinuating, and deep backless body suits are still present in the 2022 dresses. And it is that something has this neckline in a wedding dress that enthralls everyone. 

Back fashion:

It is the ideal neckline for brides who do not feel very comfortable with necklines on the chest, but who want to show a little skin in a subtle, but suggestive way. The most interesting thing is that about eight years ago this was an almost forgotten part of the dress and that it was left undesigned.

Later, deep backs began to appear. One of the forerunners in many countries in this regard was the designers responsible for putting the most beautiful, deep, and uncovered backs in the world of bridal fashion as protagonists, and so on. Today most designers do.

Today, the options for these necklines are endless and so are the stores where you can find them. Browse wedding dress shops on and you will be pleasantly surprised with models for all tastes, marriages, seasons, and, above all, good prices, whether you are getting married in winter or summer, or are looking for wedding dresses for civilians, or a more traditional design. It will not be an easy decision, because you will surely fall in love with more than one.


In the first place, we have a wide range of collection of backless suits. Above all, those are ideal for short wedding dresses who wish to take care of their neckline but don’t want to show skin.

This type of infinity neckline on the back is one of the first we saw of this style, but it still causes a sensation among brides, being today one of the most desired. They can end in a point or round and can be made into dresses with long, short, or sleeveless sleeves, depending on the taste of each bride, which makes them suitable for any time of the year, although you must remember that the back is completely uncovered.

Semi-open back:

For those who still show a completely bare back is very daring, or simply do not feel comfortable and are looking for a simple wedding dress, there is the option of a semi-open back.

It is the type of back that is more than anything covered on the sides with transparency, leaving the center of it exposed. This bare space can be in different shapes: a circle, triangle, square, and even a heart for the most romantic.

Transparent tulle:

For brides who are dying to go bareback but are getting married in the winter, they can cover their backs in delicate sheer hook and eye corset top. It will cover just enough and necessary so that your back is the protagonist of the night since transparency achieves the perfect nudity effect for winter weddings or for more demure brides. You can add a line of buttons to make it even more classic and delicate.

Lace back:

Other backs that take all the signs are those with the lace placed directly on the bare skin of the bride or on some tulle or transparent mesh, marking the figure of the lace and creating a romantic and distinguished look. This alternative looks wonderful in princess-style wedding dresses, for women who are looking for very feminine and delicate designs.

Accessorized Backs:

Another trend in backs is those with accessories such as jewels or chains on them, as well as fringes, stones, crystals, or glitter, all perched on a transparent mesh or on a bare back, where delicate chains cross from side to side or from the shoulders. Also, stones and pearls are on the sides, leaving the center of the back uncovered or fringes surrounding the back or falling from the shoulders. The perfect option to wear collected hairstyles, as it does not detract from the back.

Multiple designs:

Not only barebacks are the option. Today, important designs are seen in them, such as geometric shapes, large belts, large button applications, uneven cuts, straps that cross each other, two necklines on the same back separated by a large piece of fabric in the middle, backs bare at the top and completely bare at the bottom, and vice versa.

The neckline in the back? Of course yes! They have had a good season being a success and will continue to be so for years to come. This trend even reached party dresses, so you can get many ideas by looking at different catalogs of 2022 party dress collections. If you dream of striking back, the options are endless, and today we have the most beautiful models for you. Did you find yours?

Dresses for special occasions:

Are you looking for the perfect women dress online to wear to a special event? We have just what you need. Whether what you want is a party dress or if you are looking for a simpler model that you can customize in your own way, you cannot miss our wide selection of party fashion. And remember, short dresses not only offer endless stylistic possibilities, but they also never go out of style, so get yourself a mini dress from and you won’t regret it.

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