In your life did you ever face that situation where you saw your friend’s nail looking so pretty and you left wondering how she managed to get such a stunning nail look? Most likely commercializing gel polish, this brand new arrival has the nail cosmetics industry in a big shake-up. In contrast to regular nail polish, gel polish is notably more long-lasting and resistant to glossy effects. On the contrary, it is the fact that gel manicure is unique and what makes it different from the other products that could be the reason why you want to do it at home. The types of your nail polish are the conventional nail lacquer and the home-applied gel polish. Here are pros and cons of each.

Understanding Gel Polish

While gel nail polish consists of acrylic monomers and oligomers instead of solvents and pigments present in traditional nail lacquer, the former dries as the solvents evaporate. With such mixture exposed to either UV or LED light, after a few minutes it will harden for long lasting nail polish.

The chemical base which is the secret ingredient is Gel polish. The hardener, which differs from the typical polish that remains soft when exposed to ultraviolet or LED light, sets to a solid state once light is shone on it. Therefore, gel polish may retain its glossiness for a long time and will be less prone to peeling and scratching.

The Longevity and Durability Advantage

Gel polish has a very long lifespan, which is a major selling point. In sharp contrast to ordinary polish, which may not even last a week, this one may endure for up to three weeks without cracking or peeling.

Gel polish is available in every conceivable hue, from the darkest blacks to the brightest neons. For example, there are countless ways to show off your personal style with Komilfo gel polish, which comes in a range of textures including matte, glitter, and metallic.

Being Ready for Achievement

A well-prepared gel polish manicure is the essence of an impeccable gel manicure. The first and foremost steps will include checking your nails condition and getting the tools required for the painting process as well as preparing the nails themselves.

Healthy and strong nails are what needed to start a beautiful manicure. When you have applied primer evenly, and your nails are the same color and you can feel the smoothness of your nail, then you know that your nails are ready for the gel paint. It is useful to wet the nails prior to painting on with gel paint if nails are weak or broken. Taking care of them with cuticle oil and biotin supplements will be beneficial.

What You’ll Need to Put Together Your Toolkit

UV or LED light for curing, gel base and top coats specific to your gels, your gel color palettes, cleansing/wipes for the nail, cuticle pusher and file to shape the nails are the main tools for a nail art application.

First things first: scrub your nails with great care to rinse them clean and remove any dirt or traces of oils. We will continue by applying very fine sandpaper on the surface to grind it a little. Your nail polish is going to stay in longer due to the increased adhesion of the gel polish.

Step-by-Step Gel Polish Application

Use a base coat thinly and evenly to every nail being painted, keeping the tips of the nails dry. This vital step enables your nails to stay strong and the color coat to be stuck tightly together. Curing under LED or UV bulb following the base coat instructions- most base coats need around 30 to 60 seconds.

Color Layering

Secondly, then you need to apply your selected Komilfo gel polish color in very thin and equal layers. Two layers generally give full coverage. The process of curing each layer of the material under the lamp for the suggested time. This action leads not only to color’s saturation but also power of the manicure.

Curing Under LED/UV Light

The one feature that makes it stand out from its peers is that it’s curing. This reaction takes place in the gel formula which is triggered by the LED or UV light, thus creating a hard glossy surface that sets it apart from other nail polishes. It is of great importance to follow the instructions to the letter for every layer to dry appropriately so that the polish will stay strong and not be smudged or chipped.

Applying the Top Coat

Coating is the last step which protects the color and illuminates with a great gloss. Put it on in a similar manner as you did the primer and the base color coats and the curing step. This is a barrier that prevents the gel manicure from getting scratched while at the same time creating that gel nail gloss.

Tips for Avoiding and Correcting Smudges and Bubbles

Even with care, smudges and bubbles can happen. Avoid them by applying thin layers and letting the polish settle for a few seconds before curing. If bubbles do appear, gently pop them with a pin before curing. For smudges, use a gel cleanser and a lint-free wipe to gently remove the smudge before reapplying the polish.

Mastering the Art of Gel Polish

An experience of mastering gel polish at home is a thrilling issue that not only gives you a sense of control but also enriching you as a person. By going through the learning process, you find that when you do something repeatedly you get better. This process promotes both your technical skills and gives you the feeling of being independent in your own fingernails care regimen. By managing your nail care yourself, you will gain self-confidence in your style and a greater awareness of how your nails can help you express yourself or showcase the art of manicure.

As you proceed, going through the stages of gel polish application starting from the preparation of your nails up to the final top coat, bear it in mind that each effort is a step further in your journey. DIY nail care is not just about saving time and money, it is also about the thrill one gets out of producing results that match those of a salon at home. Long as you have time and being patient, the gel polish world gives you a chance to create something unique, and express yourself, thus, you not only beautify your nails but also reinforce your self-confidence and creativity.

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