Chernobyl tour: what to expect from the exclusion zone?

There are several places on the planet today that resemble a post-apocalypse movie. Visiting them allows you to think about life, learn a lot and reassess values. The Chernobyl tour will be a good solution for those who want to test their capabilities and discover a lot of new things.

How does the Chernobyl tour attract tourists?

The accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is one of the worst tragedies of the late twentieth century. It took the lives of millions of people. Despite all the horror that is associated with this tragedy, today the city of Pripyat is one of the largest tourist destinations in Ukraine.

Such immense popularity is due to many factors, but one of the most important impulses for the development of tourism in this region was the HBO series called “Chernobyl”, which told the whole world about the events of 1986.

Today, thousands of people from European countries come to the Kyiv region to visit the place where life stopped. The entire city of Pripyat was stuck in the 80s of the twentieth century, Soviet symbols are depicted everywhere, household items remained. Such a journey is somewhat reminiscent of a road back to the past. 

Other advantages of such a trip include the possibility of:

  • Acquaintance with a new culture;
  • Plunge into a world in which you have never been before;
  • Put your thoughts in order;
  • Learn more about how the city deforms after people have completely left it.

Tour Chernobyl is a good solution for those looking for peace. Many people who have come here at least once note that a person feels the maximum calmness and peace in his soul, although his mind understands that this place can be of great danger. Radiation is calming.

Nature is gradually conquering its territory from humans. Tour to Chernobyl Zone shows what the world would look like if, by some coincidence, humanity disappeared from the Earth. There is a lot of greenery on the streets, wild animals walk, the atmosphere of a forest reigns around.

How safe is the Chernobyl tour?

Ukraine Chernobyl tour is safe enough now. All hiking trails are constantly cleaned of radiation, so moving along them is as safe as it is throughout the country. When entering the exclusion zone, tourists receive a special device that measures the level of radiation. This makes the trip even more interesting and safe.

The radiation is arranged in such a way that in one place the level is even lower than in Kyiv, and after a few centimeters, the sensor begins to warn of danger.

Tourists are not allowed to enter the most contaminated places, such as the medical unit, where the liquidators’ clothes are still stored since it can still be dangerous here. However, you can visit close to the destroyed reactor itself. Now a special cover has been installed, so it is safe to be here.

Chernobyl tours cost for English-speaking tourists is not high and depends on the places you plan to visit and the time spent in the exclusion zone.

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