Hyderabad is basically a city filled with grand mosques, age-old markets, and regal foods that exist harmoniously to provide you with access to thriving business districts. This place provides you with good accessibility to the wealth of architecture, cuisine, and culture, and many people travel to this place because it is the dynamic capital of Telangana. Following are some of the best possible things to be seen and places to be visited in the city while planning to stay at Westin Hotel Hyderabad:

  1. Charminar: This is one of the most important and recognisable monuments in all of India and is the ancient mosque that was built approximately 400 years ago. This is very successful in providing people with accessibility to a world-famous monument, and ultimately, this is the perfect symbol of the city of Hyderabad.
  2. Golconda Fort: This place is built at the top of 120 m high Granite Hills, which very well imposes the entire peak under the Qutub Shahi. It was very famous for the diamond mines, and in fact, the legendary Kohinoor is also very famous for being mined over here.
  3. Nehru Zoological Park: This particular place is also known as the Hyder bath and is the most important tourist attraction. Which is located right next to the Mir Alam Tank and will provide people with access to more than 150 varieties of birds, reptiles, and animals. If you are a nature lover, then definitely visiting this place is a great idea for you so that you can very well enjoy the lap of nature.
  4. Chowmahalla Palace: This particular place is one of the most important places to visit because it was once the residence of the NIZAMS, and this stunning place features the fourth division palaces very well, along with vintage galleries. This place also comes with a courtyard and lush green garden, which have been very well inspired by the Persian design. 
  5. Salar Jung Museum: This particular place was originally the private collection of this large three, and later on, it was converted into the medium because it was open to the public in the 50s. The 39 carefully curated galleries over here very well help in displaying the artwork from almost every component of the entire world. Visiting this place is definitely a great idea so that you can dive deep into the elements of history.
  6. Mola Ali Dargah: This particular place is very well located at the top of the hill and was built by the ASIFGAHIS in memory of Prophet Muhammad’s son-in-law Hazrat Ali. Visiting this place is definitely a great idea because it will provide you with a bird’s eye of the entire city and will ensure that people definitely have the best time in this area.
  7. Ramoji Film City: For sure, this particular case is one of the most attractive family destinations in the city of Hyderabad because it is one of its kind attractions and also holds the distinction of being the largest possible studio complex in the world. This place has been very well featured in a good number of Indian movies, and even the blockbuster movie Baahubali was shot over here. This place is very well, covering 2000 acres of land, and is a true dream destination for everyone.
  8. BM Birla science museum: This is one of the most important places that you need to visit and further ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy accessibility to the Science Centre, art gallery, museum and planetarium. Dinosaurian is a new addition to this place, which is definitely worth visiting and has become an instant hit among the kids in no time. You can easily encourage your little ones to visit this place so that they can enhance their knowledge about the universe and other celestial bodies at the planetarium.
  9. OSMAN Sagar: This is another very beautiful place to visit in the city of Hyderabad. It is a very popular tourist destination due to the beautiful sunset it provides. If you are interested in planning a family outing and a long day picnic, then definitely visiting this place is a good idea so that everybody can enjoy it. This place is located approximately 25 km away from the city centre and is one of the most important destinations that you need to visit in the city of Hyderabad.
  10. KVR Botanical Garden: This is also known as the Hyderabad Botanical Garden because it is a very famous garden covering 274 acres of land. This place comes with more than 600 varieties of plants and trees, and the garden also provides people with a soothing sight to the eyes. If you are a nature lover, then definitely visiting this place is a good idea so that ornamental plants, fruit trees and medicinal plants can be easily witnessed by you.
  11. Jagannath Temple: this place is one of the most significant spiritual centres of devotees of the Lord Jagannath. Beautifully, this will showcase the architectural style along with religious practises that have been followed in Orissa. The temple is very well-known for the vibrant festivals and religious ceremonies it provides, which makes sure that everyone will have the best time and enjoy the festivities over here.
  12. Stonewaters: This is one of the most important places that you need to visit if you are interested in spending your better half with a very cute dinner. This is the best option for spending time with your loved ones and enjoying your food by overlooking the cityscape. This is a very casual dining spot that provides people with accessibility to the expensive menu, which includes Asian, North Indian, and continental cuisine. Basically, this is one of the best restaurants in the entire city that you need to visit for fine dining.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, planning a visit to the city of Hyderabad and staying at the amazing Westin Hotel Hyderabad is definitely advisable for you so that you can enjoy this beautiful city in the glory of the lights and can have a perfect trip of your lifetime. 

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