Travel is all about exploring the unexplored and traversing through the beautiful trails. Every travel enthusiast wishes to head out for a long road trip often. However, you require the right planning and proper execution to make the road trip come true. In case you wish to explore the American trails on the road, you can always go for cross-country road trips. That way, you can unveil the secrets of hidden roads without any hassles. You must also pick the road trip option and list down the attractive spots to cover up beforehand.

Here are the top cross-country American road trip options that will satiate the wanderlust within you.

1.   Route 66

Here’s the trail that will take you towards the high-rise buildings and well-lit casinos of Los Angeles. It starts at the famous and serene Lake Michigan and gratifies the travel cravings of every person. The road trip is almost equivalent to vacation with scenic landscapes and lush-green forests by the roadside. Some famous attractions that you must not miss out on the St Joseph’s Church and Texas’s Cadillac Ranch. Other than this, you might try out the spots like Meramec Caverns to awaken the history buff inside. Make sure to carry all your essentials in a backpack. Head over to duchess kate blog for style ideas!

2.   Great River Road

If you’re fond of the rivers and lakes, then you must not miss out on the road trip by the great river Mississippi. Also, you get to cover up at least ten states while enjoying the antiquities of nature. It allows you to embark upon the journey towards Yazoo Refuge and the Theodore Roosevelt Refuge. Along with this, nature enthusiasts can stop by the river towns like Greenville and Rosedale for an enthralling stay. Once you cross New Orleans, you can groove to jazz music beats and grab your favorite cocktail at fine restaurants.

3.   The Loneliest Road

Another road trip to consider for a fantastic experience is the trail along the US’s loneliest roads. It starts with the town of Maryland and ends in the attractive spots of California. Also, you are likely to cross around 12 states and gaze at the bewildering landscapes. The trail covers the snow-capped mountains and takes you along the dusty highways. Along with this, make sure to cover up the spots like Nevada Beach and the Great Basin National Park. End your trip with a view of the astonishing South Lake Tahoe and achieve the utmost gratification.

4.   Overseas Highway

For all the travelers who like short road trips, the overseas highway journey can be quite enriching. The route comprises breath-taking sunrise coupled up with Florida’s top beaches. You get to make the most of the beach vacation with the white sands and artistic hotels in Florida. It allows you to explore the coral reefs and enjoy the Cuban delicacies while on the go. Make sure to traverse through the beaches, art museums, and hotels on your way.

5.   The Appalachian Trail

Are you fond of the lush-green mountains coupled up with gorgeous views of the sunset? If yes, then the Appalachian trail is the right cross-country road trip option for you. It includes the bewildering views of the great smoky mountains paralleled with peaks like Mt. Washington. Along with this, you can explore the Poconos and national parks on your way to the final destination. It acquaints you with stunning mountain spots like Mau-Har Loop, Virginia, Shenandoah National Park, and Virginia, Blue Mountains, Pennsylvania. For every nature buff out there, this can be the road expedition of the dreams. 

6.   Pacific Coast Highway

Every thalassophile wishes to drive across the famous pacific coast highway with the stunning turquoise waters by the side. You must embark upon the road trip towards San Diego while covering up the pacific trails. Also, you are likely to come across spots like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. For all the oenophiles out there, the California Solvang premises can be the right choice for exquisite wine tasting experiences. Don’t forget to explore the corners of the natural spots like Big Sur National Park for the utmost peace.

7.   Hill Country

Here’s the road trip option for all the lovers of country vibes and astonishing sceneries. Hill country brings you the real taste of the countryside coupled up with breath-taking sunsets. The trail starts at the city of San Antonio and goes all the way until Bandera city. Also, you can drive to the area featuring pink rocks at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. One of the best ways to spend your time on the hill country road is through the commendable view of the Guadalupe River. All you need to do is list down the popular attractions and enjoy the stunning views while driving off the city roads.

Final Verdict

Exploring the unexplored revolves around the right amount of determination and proper planning. You must research the destination and list down the popular attractions well-in-advance. One of the best ways to spend your short breaks is through a cross-country road trip in the US. Also, it satiates the travel cravings and gratifies your senses in no time. You can start the trips with easy options like Hill country and the Pacific coast highway. Other than this, route 66 and the Appalachian trail are also quite astonishing for travelers. Make sure to plan and embark upon the journey to avoid future hassles.

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