Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exhilarating experiences you could ever have. The only thing that could make a motorcycle ride more thrilling than ever is choosing the most scenic routes for your ride. Unfortunately, most bikers ride through the same route they are accustomed to. That can get old and boring quite fast.

If you are looking for a thrill for your next motorcycle ride, look no further than the routes in New Mexico! New Mexico has some of the most amazing sites you could ever explore on a motorcycle. But if you are not a New Mexico local, you might not know where they are.

That is why you need to get Butler motorcycle maps for the experience of a lifetime!

Discovering Butler Motorcycle Maps

In a world where technology and GPS are rising, you might wonder why you should spend bucks on a hardcopy map. Butler motorcycle maps are more than just tools for telling directions. They give you a keen insight into the area in question, which you would never expect from a regular GPS app on your smartphone.

Butler motorcycle maps have an experience-centered approach to planning routes. Instead of just giving you a way of getting from point A to point B, the maps focus on the route itself. And you never know! You just might bump into some of the best sights in New Mexico when using these maps.

Top 5 Scenic Wonders On The Butler Motorcycle Map Route

Here are some of the most scenic locations you could expect to see on the New Mexico landscape when using a Butler motorcycle map to ride your motorcycle.

1. The Sitting Bulls Falls

The Sitting Bulls Falls are a series of exhilarating waterfalls located right in the heart of the New Mexico desert. These waterfalls are a sight for sore eyes, especially on a long motorcycle ride. If you are a nature fanatic, then you’ll be excited to know that the waterfalls are in the middle of your regular motorcycle route when riding the New Mexico roads.

Some of the best locations to look at the Sitting Bulls Falls when on your motorcycle are located on the Queen’s Highway when you are headed to El Paso. If you have never been to the waterfalls, you should consider hopping on your motorcycle to catch that breathtaking view.

2. Emory Pass

Gazing at a range of mountains always has a therapeutic effect on anyone. One of the best scenic views when it comes to mountain ranges in New Mexico is the Black Range Mountains. These mountains are located in the Gila National Forest.

If you are a mountain fanatic, the best place to view the Black Range Mountains from your motorcycle is at Emory Pass. Emory Pass is nearly 9000 feet high. That means you can observe the full range of the mountains as well as the valleys below right from your motorbike. Wouldn’t that be quite the thrill?

3. Navajo Lake

If your ride might take you between Navajo Lake and Navajo City, you are in for a treat. The route provides you with some of the most exciting views of the Navajo Lake. You might even check out the Manzanares Canyon right from the road.

If you have a few minutes, you should consider getting off your motorcycle for a short fishing expedition in the lakes. That will give you time to create the best stories to tell your friends and colleagues once you get home.

4. Pajarito Mountain

Many motorcycle riders tend to be adventurous and fun-loving. If you enjoy exploring rocky mountains, you should consider going on the Pajarito Mountain road. That route allows you to traverse the mountains and have a hoot while at it.

Some exciting scenes you can expect to see on the Pajarito Mountain road include White Rock, Jemez Springs, and the Gillman Tunnel road.

You might even get a chance to hang out with some of the people in that community during the exploration of Pajarito Mountain. But remember to have a full tank because you don’t want to be out of gas when you are deep inside the mountains.

5. Bottomless Lakes Park

Yet another exciting place to spend your time on a motorcycle ride in New Mexico is the bottomless lakes. Surprisingly, the leaks aren’t actually bottomless. They just look like they are because of the plants and animals at the bottom of the lakes. They are about 90 feet deep, but that might seem bottomless for some people.

If you enjoy the aquatic lifestyle, you will certainly enjoy riding across or around the bottomless lakes. You might even be tempted to park your bike and take a photo or two.

Parting Shot

The most exciting part about motorcycle riding Is looking at a fantastic view as the wind blows through your hair. Getting such views can be difficult, especially if you are not a regular rider in a certain region. That is why you need your Butler motorcycle maps to save the day.

These maps can give you a fantastic experience of the New Mexico scenic routes, which could certainly give you the thrill of a lifetime. Even better, the maps are waterproof and pocket-sized. That makes them better than any smartphone or GPS map when it comes to off-road use.

What are you waiting for? Get your New Mexico Butler motorcycle maps today!

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