Everyone is talking about the amazing growth of the gambling industry and the success it is achieving on almost every level. The people responded positively to the symbiosis between the technological advancements and our favorite casino games. It is both fun and easy to play everything in the palm of our hands and those are the main reasons for the success of mobile casinos. Canadian people are overwhelmed by this offer, but we must think about the impact of this gaming. Health is important, recent years after the pandemic taught us that. First and foremost, we consider the impact on our psyche.

Canadians Are Shifting Their Gambling to New Mobile Casinos

Online gambling is generating huge income and gives awesome payouts. That is the reason why everything is carefully analyzed and tracked. Numbers don’t lie, the Canadian gambling market is in the top 10 in the world. The revenue for the current year is projected to reach 3.7 billion USD. Demographics show that around 63 percent of men and 57 percent of women play every month, making the number of active players of Canadian casino apps up to 20 million users. And a piece of information that is important to us is that almost 51 percent of all these bets are going through the best mobile casinos in Canada.

This is amazing data that shows us the preferences of the majority of gamers. Casino apps Canada provides to gamblers were extremely popular with players during the coronavirus outbreak. But they played from various devices such as computers, phones, and tablets. When players were able to go wherever they wanted and got a chance to peruse this catalog of Canadian mobile casinos, they realized that their preferred choice was their smartphone. Casino owners analyzed this trend and invested in their offer on mobile casinos, making them better and more immersive.

The Effect of Gambling on Our Brain

Everything around us affects us in many ways. We deal with a lot of stuff, emotions, information, and stress daily. All that is affecting our body and mind, and we all know there are more types of being healthy. The effects on our bodies are clear to see, but the ones on our minds are a little more tricky. Everyone knows that gambling has a deeper grasp on us, and it accomplishes that with a direct link to our reward system. When we gamble, our brain releases dopamine, its favorite neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of pleasure. Our brain loves it when dopamine is released and will always prefer the actions or behaviors that trigger it. That is why it will look favorable to playing at top Canadian casino Apps.

The Impact of Rewards on Our Psyche

One of the best ways to explain how the best mobile online casinos affect our psyche is their system of reinforcement and rewards. Dopamine is released with the thrill of a win, but the anticipation of that is also affecting our minds. When you play at a Canadian mobile casino, you are waiting for a card to turn, the wheel to stop, and reels to show that jackpot. And all of that impacts our minds. The unpredictability of the outcome and the lack of control over it builds our excitement and anticipation. The chances of a win drive players forward and give them energy.

The Appeal of Bonuses and Promotions

Since there are so many operators fighting for the title of the top mobile casino, they need something to attract players. The best incentive for that is offering bonuses as gamblers are not immune to that. They are the best way for bettors to use the current situation to their advantage, as bonuses and promotions can be utilized for free gambling. That will allow them to try the specific mobile casino for free and maybe even earn something in the process. The effect on our psyche, however, is a bit deeper than that. To achieve bonuses, players have to perform small tasks that trigger the brain and its sense of accomplishment. Gamblers see the progress they are achieving and that makes them feel happy and satisfied.

The Allure of a “Near Miss”

You have heard this one so many times, “I was so close to winning”. This applies to scenarios with cards, dice, roulette wheel, slot games, and more. When gamblers come so close to a win and are left empty-handed, they are even more positive than at the start of wagering. This changes their perception and makes them more confident in their skills, knowledge, luck, or something else, and gives them a boost to continue to chase that prize. It is called a feeling of “almost winning” and is a powerful stimulant to our brain.

The Importance of Cognitive Bias

This is a very interesting state that our mind puts us in. Players need to be careful when they lose, but maybe even more when they are winning. Our mind is playing tricks on us more than we are aware of that. When players play the game, they face both wins and losses, but they change their perspective about the frequencies. When they win, it fuels them and gives them power, as they remember those winnings being more frequent and lucrative. That is called “Cognitive Bias”, a pattern that deviates from rationality and good judgment. It makes them lose touch with reality and creates false overconfidence that leads to bad decisions.


Our mind is a powerful tool, it can be used for great things and is also influenced by the smallest stimulant. People don’t think enough about the things that affect us consciously and subconsciously. Playing at an online mobile casino can impact us on so many levels, and we need to know that. Our psyche is affected, and that is not always a bad thing. What is important is to know about those influences and use them. Only then we are sure that we are making good decisions.

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