Cannabis edibles are growing in popularity by the year, with the latest global report stating the edibles market will be worth $197.74 billion by 2030. However, with a wide range of CBD and THC products on the market, you might be wondering why edibles stand out in a league of their own. Many people purchase them for some of the following reasons.

To Help With Various Conditions and Ailments

CBD, THC, and cannabis, in general, haven’t been studied at great length, so researchers can’t yet say with complete certainty that they will help with various ailments and conditions. However, many people say they experience relief from anxiety, chronic pain, skin conditions, inflammation, and other conditions when they consume CBD and THC products, such as edibles. Researchers are also confident that numerous diseases have the potential to be treated by cannabinoids now and in the future, such as neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, glaucoma, and osteoporosis.

They Taste Good

There are a number of cannabis goods on the market, such as edibles, pre-rolls, flower, topicals, and vaporizers. However, many people love how palatable most edibles are. While some people don’t like smoking cannabis or applying CBD products to their bodies, they enjoy eating chocolate, baked goods, gummies, and chews, containing THC and CBD.

Edibles Are Discreet

Not everyone wants to make it obvious that they’re using CBD and THC products. They might not wish their friends and family to know, or their loved ones disagree with cannabis use. In such situations, edibles can be a desirable option.  They often look like regular candy and sweet treats, and you can even purchase drinks that look like normal sparkling water, iced tea, seltzers, and soda. No one has to know that you’re eating or drinking something containing THC or CBD.

Consistent and Exact Dosing

When you shop with reputable, highly-regarded stockists, you can enjoy prepackaged, premeasured products with consistent and exact dosing in every serving. Such accuracy can be important when you’re new to consuming cannabis products and want to start slow to ensure you’re only consuming as much as you need. However, even seasoned users can see the value in precise dosing to keep track of how many edibles they consume in one day.

Most edibles have a standard 10mg THC dosage, but beginner users are often encouraged to opt for less than 5mg and work their way up. You might even consider microdoses of 1-2.5mg if you’re unsure how much is right for you.

They’re Easy to Use

Most cannabis products are easy to use, but some are certainly easier than others. For example, not everyone knows how to prepare flower for a joint, nor do they want to have to find a smoker-friendly area to use a pre-roll or vaporizer. Most edibles come in convenient packaging you can store in a handbag or backpack. Every time you need a quick pick-me-up, you can reach for your favorite option and consume it without needing to leave your current location.

People interested in using CBD and THC products have an abundance of options at their disposal. However, it’s clear to see that edibles stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re experiencing pain and discomfort or want to try something new, you might explore your edibles options for any of the reasons above.

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