Crowded teeth, gaps between them, and other such scenarios can seem like a cosmetic challenge on the surface, but it also has to do with the uncomfortable dental structure. Due to awkward dental shape and size, a person may need help maintaining proper oral hygiene. For instance, it is difficult to dislodge food stuck between crowded teeth, even with regular brushing and flossing. Similarly, gapped teeth can attract bacterial growth as the food residues stick to the gaps, causing tooth and gum decay. Some people feel unhappy about their smile if the gap is too apparent. No matter what concerns you more between structural and cosmetic issues, you can visit a dental clinic in Woodbury, Long Island, for treatment.

A dentist may recommend Invisalign after examining your oral health. If you worry about the Invisalign cost in Woodbury, Long Island, you must know that it can vary from USD $3500 to USD $8000. Many factors contribute to the cost of this treatment, such as the patient’s oral need, the duration for which one has to wear the clear aligners, and more. Generally, dentists take a personalized approach to it. That’s why you may find that some people complete their procedure in 6 months, while others need to spend a year. So, the treatment plan can be anywhere from 6 to 12 months. And all this also adds to the treatment cost. To be precise, you can calculate the price of mouth scans, aligner trays required for your mouth, and follow-up appointments to set aside a budget.

A close look at Invisalign

It’s a series of clear and detachable aligners that work on the jaw and teeth to rectify their position slowly and safely. The device material uses thermoplastic that doesn’t contain impurities and is safe for pregnant ladies and people predisposed to allergies. The best part about this treatment is the dentist’s involvement throughout the procedure, the thorough examination of your oral condition, and the gradual and long-lasting outcome. On the downside, two aspects can be worth considering – paying attention to dental hygiene more and needing to use a retainer indefinitely after the treatment.

Cost can be one major concern. But it is much better than those traditional metal braces that make you self-conscious and hurt your gums. Plus, those who used them know about the staining risk. You get rid of all these primary challenges with clear aligners. If you follow your dentist’s recommendations correctly, the aligners can align your teeth just as required, giving you a beautiful and safe smile. The treatment length depends on how much alignment your teeth need and whether they respond well to the aligners. As mentioned, 6 to 12 months can be the typical treatment period, but some people may need an extensive plan.

The working of clear dental aligners

When you meet your dentist, they will look into your dental and medical history and recommend specific tests. They may take a few oral X-rays and scan your teeth digitally to make customized trays. Expect them to explain how your teeth will align eventually through digital imaging. You will also learn about the number of aligner trays needed to treat your dental issue and the duration of use. In the discussions, your dentist may also point out if you want clear buttons on the surface of the front teeth for best results, as this helps keep aligner trays in their place while pivoting them. The treatment plan depends on your specific dental health requirement, such as crowding, crooked teeth, misaligned jaws, overlapping teeth, and gapped teeth.

If you say yes to the doctor, they will order the plastic aligner trays that should rest on your teeth 24X7. You can remove them only while eating your meals. Some people take them off during social or official meetings. However, doing this can only extend your treatment period or disrupt the effects. Also, cleaning your mouth and dental device well after each meal is necessary. So, you must prepare when the aligners are available in the dental office. Once placed securely, you may have to visit your dentist per the following appointment schedule. They will give you the next set of aligners based on the improvement. You already know this treatment may cost USD $ 3.5k to 8k in your area.

A few tidbits

Interestingly, dentists use Invisalign in simple and complicated dental cases, such as crowded teeth or extraction. Like others, you may enjoy the digital mock-ups showing dental conditions before and after the treatment. However, the main challenge can be the length of time you need to wear them. Still, it is much better than the problematic metal brackets. Also, you need to take care of your aligners because it’s easy to lose them if you open them just about anywhere. It can increase your treatment cost as you will need a fresh set of aligners.                                                            

So, what problem do you have? Do your teeth on the front bottom jaw suffer from crowding issues? Or a top front tooth is moving from its place? Some people also face problems when their lower and upper teeth don’t align along the jaw. Their teeth wear down soon, and their jaw can feel discomfort. No matter the situation, you can opt for this treatment based on your dentist’s recommendation to improve your cosmetic or structural dental issue. Following the doctor’s advice during and after the procedure is most important. If you do everything carefully, your chances of success with the treatment will be higher.

Remember, slight discomfort can occur in your jaw and mouth during the treatment. But that’s normal. Some patients use pain relievers also. Still, it’s better to consult your dentist before doing anything. If there is too much uneasiness, let your doctor know. However, if everything goes as planned, you may reap the benefit quickly for a more prolonged impact. Ensure that you choose the right clinic for this treatment. Since it is slightly expensive, you will want to be extra alert. So, please don’t bother about that ugly gap or misaligned teeth when you can correct them.

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