If you are looking for dental implants in Basking Ridge, then you’ve come to the right place. Our oral surgeons are trained to handle all dental emergencies and are experts when it comes to dental implants.

Before jumping too far ahead, let’s first get a better understanding of what dental implants are and if you need them.

What Are Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth designed to function just like any other tooth in your mouth. They are made of biocompatible materials and are molded to look and fit perfectly in your mouth.

Unlike temporary solutions like dentures and bridges, dental implants are built to be a long-term solution. The implant consists of three main parts. The first is a screw that functions as the root of your tooth and is firmly fastened to your jawbone.

The next part is the abutment which connects to the screw and serves as the anchor for the last part—the crown. The crown is shaped like the upper part of the tooth that can be seen above the gums.

With that being said, how do you know if you need dental implants?

How Do I Know if I Need Dental Implants?

Ultimately, it’s best to consult with an oral surgeon to determine if a dental implant is right for you. The oral surgeon will assess your individual situation, review your medical history, and may even give you an X-ray.

The good news is that dental implants can be given to anyone over 20 years of age. Furthermore, you don’t have to have just one missing or damaged tooth to get a dental implant. Instead, dental implants can replace entire rows of teeth if needed.

It should be noted that heavy smokers and those with poor oral health may not be able to get dental implants. In those cases, it is best to consult with an oral surgeon on the best course of action.

What Do I Need to Do Before Getting Dental Implants?

Before getting dental implants, your oral surgeon will need to create a plan that includes how the procedure will be done and the healing process.

To do this, you will need to have an X-ray and 3D images taken of your mouth. This will allow your oral surgeon to assess your jawbone structure and design the crown for your implant. 

You will also need to decide on what type of anesthesia will be used during the surgery which will then determine what you will eat or drink before the surgery and if you need someone to take you home after the procedure.

For those with a damaged tooth, your oral surgeon will have to remove it and let the surrounding area heal before the procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant procedure involves three main steps:

Step 1: Oral Preparation

The first step is to prepare the mouth and jawbone for the implant which may include bone grafting to strengthen the jawbone. For those who need bone grafting, a couple of months of healing will be needed before the rest of the procedure takes place.

Step 2: Screw Implant and Healing

Then, the screw is inserted into the jawbone and is left to heal for a couple of months so that the jawbone will grow around the screw.

Step 3: Abutment and Crown Attachment

Lastly, the abutment is attached to the screw followed by the crown. While it may take a couple of months to fully heal, you’ll likely be able to return to your normal eating habits within days of the procedure.

Dental Implants in Basking Ridge — Conclusion

Whether you are interested in having a dental implant or have a dental emergency, we are happy to help. Contact us today and one of our oral surgeons will answer your questions and address any serious issues you are facing. 

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