Did you know that the menstrual cup was invented way back in 1937? And till today, a lot of women are skeptical about using it. Regardless of the power, comfort, and freedom it provides, there’s an unknown fear lingering among women. On the contrary, women who’ve successfully switched to menstrual cups cannot stop talking about the amazing difference it made in their lives. So, how do you take that leap of faith? How do you begin your transition? Read on. Here are a few tips that will smooth your transition to menstrual cups.

  • Maintain hygiene

Since it’s a sensitive area down there, make sure the menstrual cup and your hands are clean before inserting it inside. Wash your hands thoroughly with a hand wash. Sterilize the menstrual cup to get rid of any germs crawling over it. Dip the cup inside a boiling pot of hot water. Turn off the gas and keep it inside for some time. And then remove it. It’s ready to be used.

  • Stay calm

Tensed pelvic muscles will repel the menstrual cup from your body. That’s when the process will become painful and difficult. So, ensure you’re in a calm state and comfortable surrounding while trying to insert it for the first time. The shower is the ideal place for most people. However, you can find your comfort zone. On the contrary, women with vaginismus may consult a healthcare professional for a smooth transition.

  • Choose a cup that best fits your body.

You’ve got to get your glasses on and read up on the variety of options available on the Internet. Match the height of your cervix to the size of a menstrual cup you’re about to get. Plus, don’t forget to ensure you’re not allergic to materials such as latex or silicon. Normally, the most popular products might not fit you. Every vagina is unique, and so does its size. So, choose your menstrual cup accordingly. Pro tip: buy a soft and squishy cup if you lead an active lifestyle.

  • Experiment

You won’t feel a thing if you get the moxie menstrual cup inside. There are different types of folds for individuals with different structures. Just because the C fold worked for some people doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you as well. The Internet is your best friend. Use it to explore your options. Similarly, you have got the flexibility to try different positions. Try squatting, left leg up, sitting, right leg up- whatever suits you!

  • Scan for any holes or cracks.

Scan your first menstrual cup immediately after you get your hands on it for any leaks. Once purchased, the menstrual cup should last about 10 to 12 years. Move your fingers everywhere on the body of the menstrual cup to ensure there isn’t any hole for potential leaks. Moreover, you’ll know it’s fine when it pops open when inserted in your vagina.

  • Practice, practice, and practice

You cannot expect to rip the package open and wear it for the first time when bleeding from down there. Because that would be a mess nobody wants; rather, learn to use it when you’re not on your period. Watch a truckload of Youtube videos to figure your way around menstrual cups. Follow the entire sterilization process, try different folds, and work the pelvic muscles to get it inside successfully.

  • Use pelvic muscles to get the cup out.

The next most feared thing after getting the cup inside is getting it out without hurting yourself. First things first, know that it won’t get lost inside. All you need to do is take a deep breath, relax the muscles, and sit in a squat position. Pull the suspended tail of the menstrual cup and take it out.

  • Go easy on yourself.

Bodies are different, taking their time to adapt to change. While some might get used to it quickly, others will need time. And that’s completely normal. Have patience. Getting frustrated will only make the situation more difficult. Once you overcome the obstacles, you’ll realize that switching to this eco-friendly option was all worth it.


If you follow the steps mentioned above with due diligence, we bet the transition to menstrual cups will be smooth. You cannot go back once you taste the freedom and power that comes with it. So, don’t hesitate to buy your very first menstrual cup. Do it now!

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