Living to 100 and Beyond: a Healthy Lifestyle Part 2

Living to 100 and Beyond: a Healthy Lifestyle Part 2

I think sometimes we all wonder to live to the fullest, to live to the safest, to give the best to the world.

As far as our life is concerned we bother to make the most of it.

But sometimes the goal to live till 100 is not achieved, why is this so? Because we assure ourselves that it’s not in our hands to live as long. Additionally, with this mentality, we fight our whole life.

Is there any tool to sequence my daily routine? To check the track of time or to keep a trace of a healthy life.

I would say yes, this is possible.

Research has also discovered the key to 100 living and beyond. All you have to do is focus on what’s the main highlighting points. There’s always a secret to obtaining to be successful in any aspect you choose to have.

You Are Responsible

You will be responsible for what you think, act, believe, eat or do. So act responsibly. Take in control and supervise your activities.

Think positive

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

— Willie Nelson

To be happy, you have to feel happy and to be happy is to think happy. Every day we encounter some thoughts that are not healthy for us. Just because they are not good for us they create behaviours of that same despondency feeling. Whatever you are feeling is because of your thoughts that turned into behaviour which reflects. Certainly, to be radiant, you have to think positive.

Be an optimistic being. You will be attracting many others beaming things. The aftereffects you will see in your life when you will be putting a full stop to negative pessimistic nature.

 How to bring positivity in your life:

  1. Start your day with gratitude (be thankful)
  2. Don’t live in past
  3. Give your 100%
  4. Prevent negative self-talk
  5. Watch comedy shows
  6. Eat healthy
  7. Celebrate little joys of life
  8. Meditate
  9. Surround positive people
  10. Encourage/appreciate/ listen to people

Eat your vegetables and fruits

We are listening from an early age how vegetables and fruits are beneficial for our body. But mostly it’s difficult to implement that. Isn’t it?

The benefits are not concealed from us and even studies are proving every single day how they can transform a good positive result in you.

We all know that’s for sure that they are a powerful source for your mind, body, and soul. You might say that “We have tried eating veggies but failed “.

If you are looking for quick relief for improving in any phase of your life.

I think and you must eat fruits and veggies

How to have more veggies and fruits:

  1. Have a small portion of veggies/fruits in your meal ( 4 to 5 times )
  2. Start reading about their benefits on internet
  3. Make your own food blending with veggies/fruits
  4. Track a journal
  5. Start focusing on making it a habit at least for 21 days

Pick different coloured fruits/vegetables

Colours are a source of attraction. Also, they look quite beautiful when they are blended. Veggies and fruits are not to stare for their beauty but to feel them in your body.

Different colour veggies/ fruits are made for a purpose to provide you the health.

The variety of colour in veggies/ fruits are a real source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

Purple/blue and red are a source of the packed nutrient. Great for the prevention of heart disease. They are also full of antioxidants.


Yellow/orange veggies or fruits have vitamin C, potassium, folic acid which helps a clean skin and fight cancer.


Dark green veggies and fruits are a source of calcium and vitamin A. The variety of green veggies are excessive amount of mineral.

Exercise Daily

Exercising has been proved the key to wellness. For staying fit all you have to do is practise exercise, move your body. It also gives a mandate for you to love your body.

Daily fitness is a game changer.  The world you see is going around you, there’s also a world going inside you, to go with that world, exercise.

Any physical activity can be adopted by your favourite genre. Although I like cardio and weight training. 

Benefits of exercising:

  1. Enhance the mood and decrease the negative energy
  2. Burns more calories
  3. Minimize the disease
  4. Inner satisfaction
  5. Attract healthy food
  6. Chances for living longer
  7. Keeps your energy levels high
  8. Strengthen self-esteem
  9. Mental stability
  10. Increases lifespan

 Get good sleep

Most people are worried about waking late in the morning than sleeping late at night. That’s something really obvious and that’s how your body functions too. Sleeping late will eventually wake you late.

If you want to change the sleeping patterns, sleep early in the night.

Staying healthy is all linked with a healthy mind, body, and soul. You have to take care of the few things to regulate them properly.

Packing yourself with tight dreams and jam-packed dreams will not only brings discipline in your life but also will make you a responsible person.

Adopting sleeping patterns can only be retrieved in your life are through habits.

Benefits of good sleep:

  1. Minimize the stress
  2. Elevate your mood
  3. Away from disease
  4. Preserve your weight
  5. Improves concentration
  6. Improves function

Cut down on processed food

It’s not that difficult to be a picky eater, as long it takes a habit. People who chose to eat clean are very precise about their choices. Eating healthy is not just about eating but it’s an art of preferring healthy food over the oil greased food. No doubt that healthy eating has its benefits on eating junk. Also if it starts from an early age, it can benefit homebodies, Youngers, children, and overage.

Being a picky eater and eating the same food regularly might cause some irritation, but as long as it’s yummy and healthy.

The processed food market is challenging new-day health. They are destroying the habits or clean and neat eating. So, avoid as much as you can.


To live and sustain in this life, we have to let go a few things that are burning are abdomen. They are clinging into our thoughts and hurting as much as they could.

I think we all are aware of what feelings I’m talking about.

Jealousy, hatred, despondency, low spirit, anger, intolerance, impatience, anxiety and many more. It’s a simple technique that provides a simple insight and self-realization. That will turn into an enlightenment and well awareness. What brings peace-calm-minded.

Types of meditation:

  1. Loving-kindness meditation
  2. Body scan or progressive relaxation
  3. Mindfulness meditation
  4. Breath awareness meditation
  5. Kundalini yoga
  6. Zen meditation
  7. Transcendental Meditation

These genres follow different styles to mediate. You can either select one that suits your genre of lifestyle. The main purpose for all the meditation is to bring more peace, less stress, self-awareness, shrink negative sensation.  

Love Yourself

Beauty has different aspects and forms. It comes in different sizes and shapes.

A brave heart dares to see the beauty in every placement that has been made with love and attention.

Loving yourself is idealizing your worth. Telling you are there too. You think, you smile and you laugh.

When you will be giving positive energies to the universe on loving yourself, that’s where the universe will send the vibrations to you.

Those will be the vibrations of love, respect, attention and praising your beauty.

To love yourself, you have to accept yourself. If you accept yourself, you will love yourself living beyond the 100.

Simple steps to love yourself:

  1. Forgive yourself too
  2. Take care of your hair, body and soul
  3. Smile in the mirror
  4. Be kind, generous and loving
  5. Talk to yourself
  6. Follow a constructive criticism
  7. Don’t live in past too much
  8. Understand yourself, go for a deep introspection
  9. Mediate daily
  10. Accept your mistakes
  11. Be sorry if you are wrong
  12. Shut the negative people

Keep stress down, purge negative people from your life

Negative people means a source of negative energy.

Let see how this energy works against us.

It has been proved that the universe has energy, this is the energy that helps you to attract the things you have been thinking about.

Whatever you are attracting in the world to you is due to the purpose of imagining and visualizing. Now the modern name to this philosophy has been called a law of attraction.

So, why don’t we think something influential and positive, to put a full stop on our negative thinking?

The process is how it works for your friend’s circle. Negative people will bring negative energies in your home, office and also in your heart and soul, which eventually will affect you in having low spirits.

Also, another factor for cutting the negative people is to work on your growth. Many are either addicted to some addictions or some basic patterns of life. You need to understand that and have to stop wasting your time in those.

Why you have to cut from the negative people?

  1. People will be who they are. So if they are weak they will make you that.
  2. People are bound in their daily junctions of nature and habits, which never suits the same person
  3. People by their talks, behaviours and actions will harm you and this will really harm your personality.

How to know yourself more and remove the negative energies:

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Don’t turn left if they are turning too
  3. Help and assist yourself as possible
  4. Mediate to clear your mind
  5. Always talk, think and do positive
  6. Don’t talk on people back. Or gossips
  7. Read more and teach more
  8. Try to say no when needed
  9. Be happy and spread happiness even if it’s not your habit
  10. Ask for space

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