Living to 100 and Beyond: Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

Living to 100 and Beyond: Tips From Centenarians

Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

The idea of living to be 100 seems like one of those dreams as impossible as dating an Angel from Victoria’s Secret. But did you know that there are more than 32,000 centenarians in Brazil? Yeah. If they got there, why couldn’t you, too? Here are 9 habits that will help you in this hard (and long, if all goes well) endeavor.

People are living longer. While there have been significant ups and downs, overall life expectancy has steadily increased for many years. It has doubled in the last two centuries. This increase is due to low infant mortality. But since the 1950s, the main driving factor has been to reduce mortality at older ages.

1 # Get off the couch and go exercise

The first lesson? Move yourself. Research by the University Of Oslo, Norway found that practicing 3 hours of exercise per week (or 30 minutes per day) increases life expectancy by around 5 years. Unfortunately, playing Fifa in the video game does not count. And go for regular health and dental check-ups; check out to find out more.

2 # keep your friends around

It can even keep enemies away. Science has proven that there is a link between socialization and longevity. Researchers analyzed the lives of 308,000 people over a period of 7.5 years. Do you know what they found out? Those with strong social ties (with family or friends) are 50% more likely to live longer. Socialization helps to reduce our stress and also encourages us to adopt healthy habits. Only in fiction do hermits live longer.

have some quiet moment


Positive thoughts create a positive mood for the whole day, creating a positive life and circumstances. Psychologists have studied this issue and in this article, they will give you only the most important and effective methods to start thinking positively, creating a good, happy and successful life.

Positive thinking is the ability to evaluate events and express their opinion about them from the perspective of what a person has, and not what is not. A lot of things in our life depend on the way of thinking. If positive thoughts prevail, then a person’s life is filled with good positive events. Situation: “Congratulate me! I broke my heel”, accompanied by the correct emotional reaction and the thought: “So, I’ll buy new shoes soon”, most likely will lead to joy from buying new shoes.

  1. Surround yourself with positive information
  2. Surround yourself with positive people
  3. Drink more water and eat healthy food
  4. Start your day with morning exercises and exercise
  5. Start the day with a smile
  6. Enjoy simple things
  7. Give thanks
  8. Become aware of your thoughts


We know that the worst part of fruits and vegetables is the peel, after the seeds. But what you don’t know is that this part of these foods keeps the best secrets to take care of your body. What we mean by this is that there are certain fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in shells and this is what we should do because they have many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that take care of your body.

To stop eliminating these nutrients from your meals, we tell you that shells include your diet.


Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and carbohydrates, but don’t count on them to get enough fat and protein – macro nutrients, two of the basic components of your diet – that you need. Fat is necessary for healthy mental function, for energy and for metabolizing nutrients; and at the same time you need protein to have strong muscles and a resistant immune system.

You could suffer a loss of muscle mass and strength if you only eat fruits and vegetables, says nutritionist Amy Shapiro, based in New York. “You can get the protein you need from a plant-based diet, but without the grains it would be difficult to get complete proteins on a regular basis.”


The cucumber peel has most of the antioxidants and potassium that this fruit has is found on the outside. In addition, the husk contains a high percentage of fiber that helps clean the digestive system and helps prevent constipation. On the other hand it has a lot of vitamin K that causes cell growth to activate and does not allow blood clots to form.


Eggplant peel has strong antioxidants that help inhibit cancer cells, especially in the brain and nervous system. It also has certain anti-aging properties and help improve eyesight. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and balances body weight.


Watermelon has an amino acid called citrulline that has antioxidant properties and that benefits the heart, the immune system and the circulatory system. Most of this amino acid is found in the watermelon peel, which is the white part. It also has vitamin C and B6 that help hydrate the skin. We know it doesn’t taste good but you can mix it in your smoothie or eat it with salt and lemon.


The pineapple peel has a large amount of bromelain which is an enzyme that reduces inflammation, especially the respiratory system. In addition the shell also has potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B and E that help your skin and even whiten your teeth. To get all these benefits you can try it in an infusion.

Start putting all these shells into your diet and you will start to feel better and your body will thank you. You can look for different ways to use this part of the fruits and vegetables in your meals and that do not taste bad.

Put more salad on this plate

 When was the last time you put a lettuce leaf on your plate? November 2012? Rest assured, from now on, you will always remember to do this. And generously. The University College of London class found that people who eat 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day are 42 percent less likely to die young than those who eat nothing.

how to live to 100 years old


One of the most frequently asked questions is: How much daily exercise time do you need to lose weight? The answer is not that simple, as the results depend not only on your application and focus, but also on your body, your physical limitations, whether you are sedentary or not, and factors such as your diet, for example.

This is a topic much debated by experts and with no real conclusion, but there are ways that are considered to be effective. Want to know more? So following today’s post and find out!

  1. Fight diabetes and cholesterol changes

Regular physical activity helps to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and improve HDL (good cholesterol). It also reduces blood vessel obstruction and glucose uptake, the sugar used by the body, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

  1. Improves breathing capacity

The greater the intensity of exercise, the greater the amount of oxygen needed for inspiration, causing air to enter the lungs, nose and mouth. As the fitness level increases, breathing tends to improve and becomes less panting and tiring.

  1. Strengthens bones and joints

By working mainly on the lower limbs, physical activity strengthens the calves, thighs and butt. Another benefit is reduced sagging and localized fat accumulation.

  1. Weight loss aid

The acceleration of metabolism is the main factor for burning accumulated fat. Physical activity speeds up metabolism, as it increases the production of thyroid hormones T3 and T4, which provide faster fat burning.

  1. Helps minimize the effects of premenstrual tension

Estrogen and progesterone have an influence on the functioning of the female body since menarche (first menstruation). The practice of some kind of physical activity increases the production of beta-endorphin – vasodilating hormone that attenuates menstrual cramps.

  1. Reduces the impacts of menopause on the body

The recurrent practice of some kind of sport, after 50 years of age, stimulates the production of hormones that help in the muscle recovery and the maintenance of the lean and bone masses. Frequent exercise slows down arterial aging and decreases body fat.

  1. Helps prevent gynecological infections

One of the factors that contribute to the development of gynecological infections is the drop in immunity, which favors disease-causing agents such as candidiasis. Regular practice of physical activity helps in improving the body’s immunity levels.

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Lack of sleep or difficulty sleeping well decreases the ability to concentrate during the day and may also cause mood swings. In addition, when poor sleep quality becomes frequent, there may be changes in appetite and health problems such as stress, anxiety and the development of memory failures.

Here are some tips that may be helpful in improving sleep quality, which should be adopted as a new lifestyle.

  1. Respect bedtime

On average, you need to sleep about 8 to 9 hours of restful sleep in order to be very alert the next day, so those who need to get up early should also go to bed early, respecting these times, even on weekends and holidays.

A good tip to go to bedtime is to have an alarm on your cell phone reminding you what time to go to bed.

  1. Practice Exercises Regularly

Practice at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, preferably before 9 pm, because after that time, exercise can impair sleep. By exercising, the body uses more energy and there is an increased need for rest.

People who have a hard time going to the gym might try walking a little or biking before dinner, for example.

  1. Avoid drinking coffee after 5 pm

The consumption of stimulating drinks, such as coke, coffee, black tea and guarana, should be avoided from 5 pm. Also know what caffeine rich foods are.

Whenever possible, one should opt for sleep-enhancing drinks, such as a glass of warm milk or a glass of red wine, for example.

4. Get up early daily

When the alarm rings in the morning, one should stretch and get up as soon as possible, and open the curtains and windows, making the room very clear so that the brain and body understand that it is time to get up for a new day. .

If even following all of these tips for 1 month does not improve sleep, medical advice is advised, as there are some conditions that make sleeping difficult, such as restless leg syndrome, migraine, sleep apnea, hormonal changes, or psychological factors. , which are problems that should be dealt with as soon as possible

  1. Leave problems out of bed

Besides the physiological issues, one of the major problems for those who want to sleep well is the psychological torments. How many of us don’t lose sleep thinking about life’s worries, tomorrow’s pending issues, and bills to pay?

The solution here is to get a general overhaul of the day before going to bed. Write down what you have to write down, organize the next day, and mentally solve the problems. When you go to bed, these issues should already be out of your head and noted somewhere to be resolved.

be a picky eater for live well forever


Ultra-processed foods, which are often among the ones that make us the most salivate are also those who have great devastation inside our body! Here are some tips to limit these foods or stop using them.

Ultra-processed foods are designed to be consumed without preparation or with little preparation; moreover, for the most part, they combine sugars, fats and other ingredients with addictive potential. For all these reasons, it is often difficult to do without it.

How to recognize ultra-processed products

The processed foods Ultra are generally poor protective micronutrients but high in calories from fat and sugar contents (added) in particular. A Brazilian study has shown that beyond 13% of daily calories from ultra-processed products, the risk of obesity starts to increase significantly. In addition, recent studies show very clearly that ultra-processed products are less satiating and more hyperglycemic than products that are not, little or normally processed. A French study of 2018 finds that the risk of cancer increases with the amount of ultra-processed foods in its diet.

Here are some rules to easily identify an ultra-processed food:

1.      Decrease sweet drinks

2.      Reduce salt

3.      Limit white starchy foods

4.      Limit processed meat

5.      Try the Meal Prep

MEDIATION (a new you)

Meditation is the concentration of the mind at some point, person or thing and getting absorbed in it. Meditation is considered the highest form of worship of God. After the use of external worship, the method by which the achievement of God can be meditated. Closing the eyes is not only meditation, it is also necessary to balance the energy on the chakras. Meditation is a process that takes place after several steps. In these several stages, the first chakras are corrected. After the accomplishment of meditation, one is able to experience infinite power, and this is called Samadhi. All the Gurus and Acharya have told different methods of meditation, but everyone has the same purpose – the realization of God.

how to love youself and enjoy the life


What is self-love?

Self-love means that you accept all-encompassing. This is also different from body positivity, which is “only” about the acceptance of one’s own body (→ Body Positivity is not self-love). Both concepts flow into each other fluently, whereby self-love is the big sister of body positivity.

Self-love is the prerequisite for a fulfilled life. Who loves himself, is not dependent on the confirmation of his fellow man. He is self-sufficient. Many people have a negative self-image and cannot love themselves. So they deny their own happiness. With a little practice, anyone can succeed in kindling love for themselves. We give you the best tips so that you too can love yourself.

Other aspects of self-love are self-respect, self-reflection, self-esteem (→ self-esteem booster), self-confidence, and self-esteem. Self-love therefore means that you are aware of yourself, recognize strengths and weaknesses and accept and love all this in its entirety. Self-love is not the same as self-love, egocentricity or narcissism. Because self-loving people just do not take on their entirety; they increase and project an ideal on themselves. Self-love, on the other hand, is the honest acceptance of the actual state.


Do you share a workplace with negative or nasty people who complain as soon as they have logged in? Just calm down, there are ways to get out of situations. The career site has five good tips.

New Year, but the same job and the same whine as last year. Some people are stuck in negative, destructive, wicked, and purely toxic behaviors – which not only destroys themselves, but everyone around them. It is particularly irritating at workplaces. Research from Germany shows that negative people create stress in their environment.

You can’t “end up” with colleagues without it becoming cumbersome – but there are good ways to deal with people who, for one reason or another, want to ruin your work day. Below, the career site has developed five good benchmarks to hold against “toxic” colleagues.

Dealing with negative people

Negative people are everywhere. Sometimes you can’t even ignore them, such as at work or in your family. That is why there is nothing else to do than to learn how to deal with these negative people in a relaxed way, so that they have no effect on your well-being.

how meditation is good on your life

How do I know if I have negative energy?

Several studies have been done by experts and there is more and more evidence that we are capable of transmitting energies. Here’s how a doctor came to prove it:

Olivia Lee Bader, a physician and therapist, conducted a study in which she observed and proved the effect of transmission and absorption of bioenergy between algae, a process that could also occur in humans.

In additiona study by students at the University of Bielefeld in Germany found that plants absorb energy from their surroundings. Being totally possible to exchange energies with them.

From these studiesit can be concluded that since everything that interacts with the environment has a charge of energy, it can be transmitted from one body to another.

  1. Renew the air
  2. Light an incense
  3. Repair or dispose of broken furniture and objects.

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