There might come a time when you can no longer look after yourself. You might still wish to maintain some independence, but you need help managing some of the more complex everyday tasks. You might consider an assisted living facility that allows you to live comfortably and independently while still being helped by professionals. Choosing the best assisted living facility for your needs can be challenging, but you might succeed when you take the following actions.

Consider the Location

If you love your current town or city due to its proximity to your friends and family, explore your options in that area. For example, if you live in Spokane, Washington, you might look at Riverview Retirement Community, Riverview, and view maps of it to see whether it’s proximate to places you love to visit and people you wish to see often. Moving into a new home can be daunting, and it can be even more so if you’re moving to an unfamiliar place. However, the transition might be much easier if you remain local.

Look At Services

You might have started looking at assisted living facilities because you can no longer perform specific tasks independently. Before choosing your preferred facility, ensure they offer services that make your life more manageable. Some of the best assisted living facilities help with medication, bathing, dining, toileting, and daily needs. They also provide activities, health monitoring, and even meal reminders to ensure you eat.

Explore Pricing

Pricing should never be your primary consideration when looking for an assisted living facility to call home, but it’s important to know what’s available in your preferred location and what your financial investment will be. Many care facilities require an application fee to be considered for a room or apartment, and this is refunded if you change your mind. There is also generally a set monthly fee for their services and amenities, depending on what you require, and additional fees if you have pets.

Go for a Tour

While a virtual tour of a facility is an excellent way to learn about the layout and décor of an assisted living facility, a real-life tour can generally be the most effective way to learn more about their culture, the team, and even other residents.

Don’t be afraid to request tours at more than one facility so you can decide based on services, pricing, location, and the environment. If you plan to apply to enter a facility out of town and aren’t able to visit it in person first, perform a virtual tour online and ask as many questions as possible to see if it’s right for you.

Consider the Reputation

When you’re giving up a small amount of independence to enter assisted living, you likely want to ensure your chosen facility has an excellent reputation. Look at review websites, read state assisted living records, and talk to friends and family members who might have experience with particular facilities. The more you know, the easier it might be to make a decision. 

Moving into an assisted living facility will be one of the most significant life changes, but it can be a worthwhile one when you’re able to maintain your independence and receive the help you need. Take note of these tips above, and it might only be a matter of time until you find a facility that best meets your needs.

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