A mother is the first and foremost person to impact a child’s life. Whether physical, mental, or even social and cultural development, the mom nurtures her kids to grow up and be better human beings. A mother’s love knows no bounds. And that’s why this is the holiest, the greatest of all loves in the universe.

As you read this, can we assume you’re a soon-to-be mother or, even better, a new mom? In either case, a big heartfelt congratulations to you.

As a new mom, it’s justified to worry about how to take care, feed and help your child grow properly. But this needs not to be an absolute headache. We’re here for you to help you with the tricks and hacks of slaying this to be a super mom.

Twin pregnancy: first things first

Twin pregnancy happens when a single fertilized ova gets split into two; in rare cases, two separate egg cells come out in the same cycle. Both end up getting fertilized and thus creating two little embryos separately. As per the current stats by Stanford University, 8 in every 1000 Live births will be multiple births, aka twin babies ( also triplets and more on some rare occasions). Carrying a twin pregnancy is a little bit risky for the mother and associated with a few more complications than a singleton birth, but as you have sailed through those rough months pretty well, then it’s all good. You did it.

Twin pregnancy is bliss. Isn’t it? After all, you’ll be having not one but two youngsters spreading happiness throughout your entire household, flourishing life and joy wherever their cackles reach. Soon, little acts of mischief will be a part of your daily routine, which you will gladly follow with a tight hug or a fun-filled chase in the backyard. Indeed, these naughty kids will bring double trouble. You’ll have to spend more time with the kids to nourish them properly. You’ll be facing small hurdles here and there, often. But worry not. Ask yourself, what’s life if not challenging? Two cute monsters sound like a hilarious level in this game.

Now, we understand how stressful it can be to handle such an eventful and difficult pregnancy, and now you must be too tired to start planning again, this time about feeding and nursing them. Why are you taking all the trouble when things can get easier? We’re here for you. We talked to the top pediatricians, nutrition specialists, and neonatal unit nurses to get an overview of the whole regime from a professional point of view. So, here it is now. Just relax and keep reading till the end, okay?

Breastfeeding and best nursing tips for your twins

  • Exclusive Breastfeeding

According to the recent World Health Organisation (WHO) postnatal and child health guidelines, every child should be exclusively breastfed until the sixth month. This simply can’t be emphasized enough. Don’t think of giving anything, not even skimmed milk, protein supplement, or even artificially prepared milk-type foods, unless and until your doctor has told you so (which happens only if the mother can’t breastfeed due to her poor health or some other clinically diagnosed reason). The first yellowish milk is even more important as it contains many antibodies that make up a child’s primitive immune system. Breastmilk is a balanced, complete, digestible food. To feed the twin, certainly, you’ll have to spend more time with them..but please do it anyway, for their and your own sake.

Also, did we mention how breastfeeding can lower the chance of cervical cancer?

  • Taking care of yourself

How will you be nursing the babies if you don’t stay healthy? So this is equally important as it gets.

  • Eat good, and live great.

Food is what gives you energy; food is what builds up the body. Eating adequate amounts of food is vital to stay in shape and healthy. The quantity of milk ( which must be sufficient to feed the twins) depends on the mother’s nutritional status. A wasted, poor statured, malnourished mother won’t be able to provide her children with proper nutrition. And during the lactation period, this is most vital. Eat green vegetables, proteins, milk, dairy products, lentils, and fruits. For breastfeeding and nursing mothers, especially those facing difficulties in meeting their nutritional requirements with regular foods, https://inshapemummy.com/ has an incredible range of protein shakes that will help busy moms. They have also launched several new options like protein shakes and quick snacks for busy working moms. All the purchases come with a free 12-week healthy weight loss program!

  • Stay fit

Regular exercise is good for anyone. After pregnancy, mild activities like jogging, cardio, free hand workout, and controlled weight training will help you to lose those gained kilos, tone up your core and help you achieve a fit, spectacular physique in no time.

  • Sleep well

Rest well. Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. Take power naps in the daytime if you feel like it. Sleep will keep your systems running and hormones under control.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We should have written that a couple of times, yet it won’t be emphasized enough. Drink up! Maintaining water balance is not just good for your health, and it also affects breast milk production. Drink 3-4 liters of water daily, not a drop less. Carry a small bottle wherever you go.

Now we guess all your queries and worries have been answered. Don’t stress about it. Just act because mothers’ intuition is strong, as it is said.

We wish you and your kids a life full of color and grace!

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