1 in 3 Americans suffers from prediabetes, which you can call borderline cases. Their blood sugar levels are higher than the normal range but less than for type 2 diabetes diagnosis. People usually take antidiabetic drugs orally as a first step. But did you know people would use herbal medicines before the discovery of insulin to manage their condition? Herbal medicines usually use roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves, fruits, and other plant parts. You take recommended doses to lower your blood sugar and prevent the onset of full-fledged diabetes. Although plenty of herbs are available, some options can be beneficial for diabetes control. One example is Barberry, which contains berberine, which is known to lower hba1c and blood sugar. However, the anti-diarrhea and nutrient-rich Barberry may not suit pregnant women or traditional medication courses.

Nevertheless, let’s learn about some herbs for preventing diabetes. But take them with proper knowledge and expert guidance. You can consult natural medicine doctors to understand how to save yourself from this chronic and debilitating health condition. They can suggest what herbs you can try and how. You can even continue these with your traditional medicine if they advise.


The soluble fiber, like fenugreek seeds, can lower your blood sugar by controlling carbohydrate absorption rates and digestion issues. Clinical trials also show the seeds’ ability to enhance metabolic symptoms for type 1 and 2 diabetes.


American ginseng has been typical in treatment for diabetes and flu symptoms. It can be good for overall health, its ability to combat stress and ailment, and its immunity-empowering capacities. You get many types of ginseng, such as Korean, Chinese, etc. Herbal supplements containing this component can be available in stores, but some can have additives or impurities. That’s why you need your specialist’s guidance. If you want to try natural medicine, visit Meettulip.com once.


You can use it to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels and relieve constipation. Some experts suggest taking flaxseed at least one to two hours before or after your oral medicines, as it can affect your body’s medicine absorption style. Some supplements cause nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, gas, and bloating. Hence, be careful with its usage. Your doctor must know if you face any allergic reactions or stomach pain.


Some dietary ginger extracts like spissum and others communicate with serotonin-producing nerve cells to check their impact on insulin production. A few treatments showed a nearly 35% decrease in blood sugar levels and a 10% increase in plasma insulin rates.

Plenty of herbs and herbal supplements can help reduce or prevent diabetes risks. However, you can only benefit from them if you know how to use them. Proper doses matter. Also, every individual can have unique health conditions. It becomes necessary to consult with experts before incorporating any of them, even though they offer excellent health benefits. So, if your blood sugar levels are high or you want to take prevention from the beginning, reach out to natural medicine professionals. Their holistic plan can work better for your wellness. Your symptoms can improve.

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