Are you torn between hopping on an adult trampoline for the first time or attempting to actually go to the gym for your workouts? To be fair, it’s quite a nice dilemma to have! Trampolines for adults have been gaining popularity, offering a unique way to exercise. But, before you jump into conclusions or bounce off to make a decision (bad puns, I admit), we must explore the advantages and disadvantages of both of them. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adult Trampolines

First off, let’s discuss trampolines for adults. For many adults, trampolining may seem a bit… off, to be honest. It’s something that kids do, right? Well… you’re right and wrong at the same time. While most trampolines are bought for kids, there is a growing community of parents (and other adults) who have found themselves exploring how the bounce feels. But, if we think about trampolining as a type of exercise, what are its advantages and disadvantages? 

The advantages include:

Accessibility and convenience. This is a major one! Moving your body should be easily accessible, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. By having a trampoline at home, you can exercise whenever you want. No need to walk or drive to the gym – simply start your exercise routine on an adult trampoline and feel the bounce. 

Gentle on joints. What do we mean by it? Well, if you have ever felt uncomfortable joint pain after jumping or even walking for a long period of time on a hard surface, chances are you know what we are talking about. With trampolines it’s different. The bounce lets you enjoy a low impact workout safely. 

Balance and Coordination. As we grow up, our balance and coordination tend to go down. It’s simply more difficult to stay still on one foot or find that stable position. Well, trampoline is the perfect place to develop balancing skills! The slightly uneven surface dares you to focus on staying up. And, if you fall, it’s fine too as the landing is soft. 

Improved heart health. As said, trampolining is mostly cardio. And you know how we feel about cardio; it’s not fun. Except that with adult trampolines, it can be. Jumping on a trampoline is much more thrilling compared to running or spinning, which means it’s more motivating. And what happens when you are motivated? You do it often. Which, in the long-term, improves your cardiovascular health. 

Happier mind. Yes, we said it. Trampolining releases a bunch of happy hormones as you defy gravity and explore the thrills that each jump can give you. This is usually the reason why adults initially buy adult trampolines; they test a kids’ trampoline out and find that jumping brings them an enormous burst of energy and joy. You simply cannot stop smiling when the bounce takes you up and down! 

We could honestly come up with so many more benefits of trampolining. However, we also need to see what could be the most common disadvantages in order to compare it to gym fairly:

Not the best for muscle development and strength training. As you may expect, jumping on a trampoline is mostly a cardio and balance workout. It’s not really about getting those muscles. It’s also the reason why many rebounder instructors like to combine bodyweight workouts to the trampoline routines. But for serious strength training, trampoline’s not the best.

No guided classes or professionals to help you out. While it’s not as important to learn the form and technique for basic bouncing, you do need tips or guidance for it if you plan to do advanced stuff, like trampoline tricks. For those, it can be difficult to find a proper instructor whereas there are many personal trainers available at the gym to help you out with gym equipment. 

Seasonality issues. Unless you live in a place where it’s mostly sunny, trampolining can be rather weather dependent. Chances are, the adult trampoline you’ve purchased can last the weather but the windy or even rainy weather is not exactly fun. However, this can be avoided by purchasing an indoor trampoline/rebounder/fitness trampoline. This way, the weather shouldn’t be a problem.

Big investment. A high-quality, premium outdoor trampoline for adults can cost thousands of dollars. And, even if you opt for getting a rebounder, you still have to pay a few hundred dollars. So, starting a hobby isn’t necessarily cheap. If you are still unsure whether trampolining is for you, you could go to a trampoline park or a rebounder class to test it out to clear any doubts. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of going to the Gym

Gym training is popular for a reason. Here are only some of the many advantages:

Diverse equipment. Many gyms have equipment for every type of exercise, be it strength training, HIIT or even mindfulness-related. Well-equipped gyms have group classes as well as enough space and equipment for complex training, allowing you to do various types of exercises that are beneficial for overall health. With trampolining, the focus is mostly on cardio. 

Strength training. Slightly related to the previous point, but anyway. It’s quite difficult to do proper strength training with only jumping on a trampoline. While rebounding may get you lean, it won’t help if your goal is to become very strong and have defined muscle mass. To get that type of results, you need progressive resistance training, something that you cannot do on a trampoline.

Professional guidance. Personal trainers and other experts are available at the gym to guide you through the basics and, if you are willing to pay, help you with reaching those goals you’ve set. You can also get tips for how to work out if you have an injury or simply get that extra support and motivation we all sometimes lack. Trampolining is more independent, meaning also that you are mostly alone in terms of achieving those goals. 

Safe and controlled environment. This could be a major thing for some. Trampolines are generally safe and, if safety instructions are followed, home workouts on a high-quality trampoline for adults are extremely safe. However, some may find it more controlled and safe to practice simple movements guided by the gym equipment. 

Social interaction and motivation. Lastly, there’s the social aspect that draws some to the gym. While it can be lonely, too, it can also be very social, especially if you have a gym buddy that you go there with. You can cheer each other up and help each other as well. And, even if you are going alone, you still see people at the gym, which could be motivating for some.

As with everything, there’s always the downside. So, when it comes to disadvantages, they are:

Higher membership fees compared to the one-time cost of a trampoline. Yes, while adult trampoline is an expensive investment in the beginning, the gym membership will quickly cost more than the trampoline costs. So, if this aspect is important in your decision, then trampoline could be a better option! 

Commuting to the gym. Everyone does not live within 5 minutes walking distance of a gym. In other words, you may need to do that extra effort just to go to exercise. If you find it extremely challenging to wake up early for the gym or go after work, it might be that you end up paying for the monthly fee without actually going there. So, give yourself a reality check and think whether you are committed to it! 

Self-confidence issues and intimidating atmosphere. Listen, going to the gym can feel extremely intimidating. Sometimes when we are starting to workout for the first time in our lives or after a long time, we don’t want to put ourselves into a vulnerable situation. Truth be told, people at the gym are usually nice and welcoming, but the voices in our heads may consider home workouts, such as trampolining, as a better option.

Crowded at peak hours. Yeah. This is why many find going to the gym unappealing. When you have a trampoline, you can simply take it out at home whenever you want. When it comes to going to the gym, many of us have to go during peak hours. Yet, there’s nothing pleasant about it.

And the winner is… 

… both! Yeah, I guess you knew we’d end up on this solution. You really cannot compare two totally different ways of exercising. In all honesty, doing both is probably the best solution. Gym provides strength training that is known to be highly effective and necessary for our health while trampolining allows us to do the equally important cardio part with a smile on our face. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages, and it’s really up to you on which direction to take. However, if this is your first time reading about trampolines for adults, please do not skip them by thinking that only the gym is the answer! Trampolines are extremely fun and effective, just trust us. 

Factors to Consider

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of both types of exercise, it all comes down to defining your fitness goals. Which is going to get you closer to those goals? Do you perhaps want to do both? Do you have time and other resources for only one of them? Evaluate your schedules, budget, personal preferences and other aspects of your to determine which one is your choice. If still in doubt after pondering all these things, it’s better to just try them both and see which one brings you more joy and delight. 


In the battle of adult trampolines versus the gym, it’s hard to declare a winner! Both really do have their own benefits, don’t they? Maybe instead of choosing which one’s better, we could embrace both?  So, grab your gym bag and bounce your way to a healthier, happier you!

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