Cubicle tracks provide an ideal solution for hospitals looking to create individual, comfortable spaces for their patients. With cubicle tracks, hospitals can create an environment that promotes infection control through easy cleaning, increased comfort for patients through privacy and reduced noise and visual distractions, as well as durability and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we will discuss five reasons why cubicle tracks are perfect for hospital settings.

Ability To Create Individual Patient Spaces With Cubicle Tracks

Cubicle tracks are a great option for hospitals that want to create individual patient spaces without having to invest in full-sized walls and expensive construction. The tracks are made of lightweight aluminum and feature adjustable hardware that allows them to be easily joined together in different configurations, providing flexibility for the design of private areas. This makes it easy to divide up space according to specific needs, such as creating separate rooms for patient exams or establishing a designated space for medical staff to administer treatments.

Cubicle tracks also provide a much more efficient way of managing infection control in hospitals than traditional walls and doors. The installation process is quick and simple, meaning they can be quickly removed and replaced when necessary. This reduces the risk of germs spreading through the hospital due to unclean surfaces or fixtures. In addition, cubicles made from antimicrobial materials help keep infections at bay by discouraging bacteria growth on their surfaces.

Infection Control, Easy Cleaning

Cubicle tracks from Direct-Fabrics are an ideal solution for hospitals as they can facilitate infection control and easy cleaning. The panels of the cubicle track system are made from materials that can be easily wiped down or sprayed with a disinfectant solution. This helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination by eliminating the need for multiple items of fabric or curtains that can trap dirt and bacteria. Additionally, with cubicle tracks, any damaged panels can be quickly replaced, ensuring a high level of hygiene throughout the hospital setting. Cubicle tracks also allow for better air circulation which helps keep germs from spreading through the room, while their light weight makes them easier to move and clean around.

Increased Comfort for Patients, Provides Privacy, Reduces Noise and Visual Distractions

Cubicle tracks are an ideal solution for hospitals and other healthcare facilities due to their ability to provide increased comfort for patients, privacy, and reduced noise and visual distractions. Patients feel less exposed when they are in a cubicle track as opposed to open rooms, allowing them to feel more secure and relaxed.

The curtains can also be adjusted to ensure that the patient is comfortable with the amount of light in their space. Additionally, cubicles help reduce noise levels within a room since they absorb sound. This allows for more peaceful healing environments for patients who may be sensitive or easily distracted by loud noises in the surrounding area. Furthermore, the curtains provide privacy from prying eyes of doctors and nurses who may need to enter the patient’s space at any given time. Finally, cubicles also reduce visual distractions within a room since they block out any outside activity that could be taking place in different areas of the hospital.

Overall, cubicle tracks offer multiple benefits that make them an ideal solution for hospitals looking to create individualized spaces for their patients while ensuring comfort, privacy, and reducing noise and visual distractions.


Cubicle tracks are ideal for hospital settings as they offer a great deal of durability. The tracks are made from heavy-duty metals, powder-coated steel, and aluminum to provide strength and stability in high-traffic areas. This makes them excellent for patient rooms since medical personnel often move equipment and supplies frequently. Additionally, the cubicle tracks are designed with no exposed fasteners making them easy to clean and maintain in sterile environments. Their smooth surfaces also help prevent bacteria accumulation and reduce the risk of cross-contamination within the healthcare facility.


Cubicle tracks are a great cost-effective choice for hospitals due to their ability to be installed quickly and easily. They are also highly customizable, allowing for different sizes and design configurations that can be adjusted for each individual patient space – ensuring the best fit possible. Unlike other forms of dividers or curtains, cubicle tracks have no exposed edges which reduces the risk of infection control concerns. Furthermore, they can be easily wiped down with disinfectant between uses, making them ideal for medical facilities. In addition, the privacy they offer can help reduce stress in patients by shielding them from noise and visual distractions while providing additional comfort. Lastly, cubicle tracks are very durable and require minimal maintenance over time – saving money in the long run.


Cubicle tracks are the perfect solution for hospitals looking to provide individual patient spaces, improved infection control and easy cleaning, increased comfort for patients with privacy, reduced noise and visual distractions, durable construction and cost-effectiveness. They provide a safe, comfortable and hygienic environment for both staff and patients alike. With their versatility and ease of installation, cubicle tracks are the ideal choice for any hospital setting.


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