If you are someone who is considered a senior in age, this guide is for you. You may be dealing with some issues regarding the aging process. You may also have some health issues that can arise and get worse over time.

Some say the solution would be to take certain drugs. However, this shouldn’t be the case. This guide will go over the ten reasons why.

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Let’s take a look now at the following list down below.

They face a higher risk of side effect 

As we age, our bodies may face increased sensitivity to medications. This means you will face a higher chance of experiencing side effects. If you are taking multiple medications for various health conditions, this risk will increase. Not only that, these can lead to issues that can be serious or become fatal. 

It’s always a good idea to visit your doctor on a regular basis. Especially when you are getting older and need more effective treatments for your health issues.

Your kidneys and liver may not function well enough 

Your kidneys and liver are two of your most important organs. They are responsible for filtering and metabolizing the medication in your body. The older we get, the less effective they will become.

Once again, this can lead to the increase of side effects that may occur. That’s why it is important to consider other medication options that can help with treatment. At the same time, you need to know what kind of side effects that may exist.

Consulting with your physician on a regular basis can be key. This way, you can keep treating your health issues (if any) without risking anything serious. 

Cognitive decline

As you age, you may lose a bit in terms of your cognitive functions. If you are taking medications that may have sedative abilities, it can cause confusion or impair any leftover cognitive functions. This can even lead to falls and accidents.

Once again, there are certain alternative treatments that can prevent these issues. You may not even have the ability to think straight even when you’re not on medication. That’s why you need to mention this to your doctor if and when necessary.

This way, a doctor can decide which medication will best fit your treatment. 

Increased dependence or addiction 

Seniors have a higher than likely chance of depending on drugs – especially opioids. In turn, this can lead to addiction. They may end up taking more than they need to. 

You’ll end up taking more than what the doctor instructs in terms of dosage. If you need an increased dosage, you will need to contact your physician as soon as possible. Explain the reason why this should be the case.

In the final analysis, it is the doctor’s decision to determine whether an increased dosage may be needed. Otherwise, they may recommend an alternative medication that will be useful for your treatment needs.

Decrease in bone density 

One of the common related aging issues is decreased bone density. Some medications can even cause that decrease to intensify. When this happens, it can also lead to fractures.

This can be due to certain ingredients in various medications. That’s why it is essential to make sure there is a safe alternative that won’t affect your bone density. Ask your doctor about anything that may be safe for your body without risking more bone density loss. 

Deficiencies in nutrients 

If you are taking certain medications, you may not realize that you are depriving yourself of specific nutrients. If you feel like you are not getting the nutrients you need from your diet, your medication can be a problem.

That’s when you need to ask your physician the hard questions. What medication is causing this and why? Likewise, taking any other drugs can lead to this issue as well.

It may get to a point where getting off the medication altogether may be the best option. It might be a risk worth taking. But it may be better than losing out on the important nutrients that aid your body.

Disruptions in sleep patterns

Some medications can cause your sleep patterns to become interrupted. When this happens, the quality of your sleep will start to suffer. Therefore, it is important to find out which medications can cause these issues.

Another thing to be aware of is a lack of sleep can increase your risk of falls. That’s because you may not be alert or attentive enough due to the lack of sleep. It can also affect your physical and mental health as well.

Loss of appetite 

Certain medications can cause you to not be as hungry. Meaning you might not be able to eat if and when needed. This can lead to weight loss or worse, malnutrition.

This alone can lead to fatal consequences. There may be certain medications that may suppress your appetite. It’s important to ask your doctor which one may be causing this.

Increased risk of falls 

Falls can be dangerous, even fatal for seniors. There are medications that can cause dizziness or impaired balance. This can and will lead to an increased chances of falling and injuring yourself in the process. 

Decreased quality of life 

Taking numerous medications can be detrimental to your quality of life. That’s why you need to assess which medications you are taking. Notify your doctor if you are feeling worse than usual. 

It may take a switch in medication or getting rid of it altogether. You deserve to live a long and healthy life. You don’t want to inadvertently cut it short due to your medications. 

At this point, it’s time to consider what your alternatives are in terms of treating any medical conditions you may have. You owe it to yourself as a senior to protect your life at all costs.

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