Addiction recovery is never cheap. It can be up there in price. But the reality is that it’s worth the cost regardless of what treatment option you choose. 

This guide will go over the 7 things you’ll need to know about paying for addiction recovery. Whether it’s inpatient or outpatient treatment, the price tag may be one of the deciding factors in terms of what you’re looking for. If you need help with financial aspects related to treatment, visit the Absolute Awakenings website at 

Let’s discuss more payments for addiction recovery.

Your insurance can cover so much 

Any insurance policy will be able to include coverage for substance abuse and mental health counseling. However, it can cover so much depending on the type of treatment option you’re required to do. Inpatient treatment options will be more expensive compared to outpatient options.

You may be in a situation where you have no choice but to use inpatient treatment to your advantage. Indeed it may be the most costly, but it’s worth the cost. Especially when you are dealing with treatment that is intensive and effective.

It’s important that you look over your insurance plan to see how much coverage you get for your treatment plan. Outpatient will cost less and it may be completely covered. The goal here is to make sure you make as little out-of-pocket payments as possible.

Medicaid and Medicare can also help

If you meet the specific requirements for Medicare or Medicaid, you can get coverage for your recovery treatment. Like insurance, this can cover certain elements to an extent such as your therapy and medication.

It may not cover any non-essential expenses such as rides to and from the facility (if you are doing an outpatient treatment option). Other expenses including sober housing may also not be covered by Medicare or Medicaid. But don’t lose hope.

There may be ways to get the arrangements dealt with accordingly if your insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid is not enough.

Your family and friends can pool money for treatment expenses

You have a support group that is willing to help you with whatever you need. Even if it means taking care of part of the financial aspects. They can pool together money that can go towards your treatment.

Likewise, you can consider the idea of crowdfunding. You can use websites like GoFundMe and suggest that people donate to a fund that will go toward your addiction recovery. The more money you pool together, the better.

Plus it will help to your advantage when you want to pay a lesser amount in out-of-pocket expenses. Your friends and family are rooting for you and will do their best to help you find enough money that will cover whatever it is you need.

Inpatient or outpatient treatment, it won’t matter. You may have people in your corner that are willing to chip in. While this may not be a guarantee, it’s worth a shot.

Payment plans are available upon request

Depending on the facility, you can arrange a payment plan that will work to your advantage. These plans are flexible and it can take some time to pay them off. Many of these facilities are understanding of this because many people may not have the financial means just yet (due to lack of employment and similar situations).

During post-treatment, you may find yourself looking for employment and successfully finding a job that fits you best. From there, you will be able to make necessary payments until the entire bill is paid off.

Inpatient care will take a while longer to pay off compared to outpatient care. Once again, it will be worth it because of its effectiveness. It may not matter how long it will take to pay off the bill.

Your recovery is important and life is something that is absolutely priceless.

Out-of-pocket expenses are mostly non-essential

Depending on the treatment option you have, there are out-of-pocket expenses that you will be responsible for. This will include food, transportation, and additional expenses that are not provided by the treatment facility.

The only times you pay out of pocket for essential expenses will be in the event if your insurance has covered enough. From there, you can pay a minimal amount without it costing you an arm and a leg. This will usually be the case for inpatient expenses.

If you are dealing with outpatient treatment, your out-of-pocket expenses will be minimal. Plus, they can still be non-essential (as described above).

Bank loans are not necessary 

If you are considering the idea of taking out a loan to cover treatment expenses, this should not be necessary. This can lead to further financial trouble. As it stands, you may not meet the requirements of a bank loan. Fortunately, many lenders offer low-income borrowers the option to receive a loan for low-income individuals at a lower interest rate. These loans can be used to cover bills and medical or other expenses. These loans are often available to people with bad credit or no credit as a last resort.

Plus, overdue payments can and will lead to an increased balance due to interest. Why dig yourself an even deeper hole financially and undergo a lot of stress over it? Forgo the idea of bank loans and consider the other payment options that we have mentioned earlier on in this article.

As it stands, you may not have the income to pay off the loans. And they may expect payments sooner rather than later. While your treatment is important, risking financial ruin should not be the answer.

It’s worth it all in the end

As expensive as it may be, you are getting good quality care for your addiction treatment. Regardless if it’s outpatient or inpatient care, you will be paying thousands of dollars. However, you’ll be happy that you are getting the best for your money. 

It’s worth spending out-of-pocket money and allowing coverage through insurance or crowdfunding through friends or family. You’ll look back and thank yourself for making the right decision to get help and live a more fulfilling life.

Life is priceless and irreplaceable. Don’t worry about how much it will cost for addiction treatment.

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