The best kitchen tools and accessories

We have designed a list of items and accessories so you can be the new chef in town. A cook without the right tools cant does much. Its products have been tested and adored by our cooks for their reliability, durability, and price.  

  • Do you have the necessary equipment in your kitchen?
  • What are the best choices?

Essential kitchen accessories

A kitchen tool greatly facilitates the task in the kitchen. A good knife or a non-stick pan, for example, is essential in any kitchen. The more you cook, the more you will discover that the right tools are essential.


A good knife is essential in any kitchen. A low-quality knife will waste your time with each food you cut. For example, always using a small knife will make your cooking experience poor and waste your time.

There are thousands of knife types, but our team strongly suggests the Mercer Culinary Millennia Chef’s Knife, 8 Inch

It has a very pleasant shape to handle, in addition to being extremely resistant.


A tool that will save you a lot of time without a doubt. It is the tool of choice for chopping, pureing or liquefying food.

There are several types of mixers.

For example, the hand mixer. Very practical for designing sauces or purees. Extremely, use when you want to reduce cream of vegetable soup. It can be immersed in a cauldron or a glass to mash.

Here are our 2 best models Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 and Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Non-stick pan

One of the tools that you will use most often. A good non-stick pan is essential for the success of most dishes. Nothing more annoying than a poor-quality frying pan and burning your food.

It is difficult to tell the difference between a good non-stick pan than a bad one.

The best according to our chefs is the 10″ Stone Earth Frying Pan from Germany

It is very resistant to scratches in addition to giving uniform cooking throughout the pan. Incomparable abrasion resistance. Many stoves are very poorly designed to be resistant to thermal shock. This model of the non-stick pan is probably the best in its class.

Culinary robot

A tool that does it all, that’s what we call the food processor. It allows you to slice, whisk or even knead without a problem. Many low-quality models are available online or in stores. A good robot is, first of all, a powerful device, easy to maintain and robust.

Some models are very noisy, but the one we suggest ( KitchenAid KSM150PSBU Artisan Series ) is one of the quietest. Very handy if you cook often. The robot below is designed with all the tools necessary to make you a culinary chef. The size of this robot is perfect for any kind of project.

Stainless steel bowls (potholes)

These bowls are necessary for most dishes in the kitchen. Having several different sizes is important. It is used in the preparation of several preparations in cooking and pastry. It allows the ingredients to be mixed well.

There are several different models, but we strongly recommend this one Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (Set of 6)

Can opener

Essential in a kitchen. Many models in supermarkets are of very poor quality and are designed to break down after a short time.

The model below is extremely resistant in addition to being pleasant to use. We strongly recommend it. It is easy to use and there is no risk of damage with a tool of this quality.

We have chosen the two best models for you according to our specialists.

Electric: Cuisinart CCO-50B Deluxe

Hand: KitchenAid KC130OHOBA

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