You must have often listened that matches are made in heaven. Astrology also believes this to be true. After an age, everybody is interested to know whether it will be a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

In such a situation, with the help of astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla, you can know how your marriage will be, and you can get answers to questions related to marriage or any aspect of life. Any person who is interested in marriage first asks the question of astrology when will they get married and the second question is whether they will do love marriage or arranged one.

So, today we will tell you which are the planetary positions due to which a person can do love and arranged marriage.

For marriage, we have to determine the seventh, fifth, eighth, and eleventh planets. The signs we have to look at are Scorpio, Gemini, and Pisces. The planets major responsible for love marriage are Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon, and Mercury. Checking the condition of these planets is very important while predicting the marriage horoscope for a love marriage specialist.

The planets and houses responsible for the yoga of love marriage in the horoscope:

A love affair happens when the seventh lord is favorable and situated in the tenth house and also has a relationship with Venus. Also, love begins then. When the lord of the ascendant is benefic and situated in the tenth house and related to the seventh house. However, when the first lord is in the 7th house. And the 7th lord is placed in the 10th house. So you have a great romantic life. And you enjoy a harmonious married life with your soulmate.

The position of Venus in Kendra (Kendra) and Trikona (Trikona) is without any negative effects, and also, if it has an aspect on the 1st, 5th, or 7th house, there are high chances that you will have a love marriage. However, know what matters to you, whether love or arranged marriage.

Seventh House: This is a relationship house, it plays important responsibility for all types of partnerships, marriage partners, sex partners, romance partners, etc. This planet also tells a lot about our marriage and married life. That’s why it is an important planet for the sign of love marriage in astrology. Without the cooperation of this planet, there can be no happiness in the relationship.

Fifth house: This planet gives information about romance and affairs, so it is very important to check this planet in the horoscope to check love and romance. For love marriage, the fifth house should be a perfect partnership. The planets in the fifth house are also considered equal partners for love and romance.

Eighth House: The eighth house gives knowledge about physical intimacy, sexual pleasure, etc. It also points to things that are confidential. It does not have a direct effect while checking marriage yoga in the birth chart but it plays a very important role in love and relationship.

Eleventh House: It gives us important information about profit, success, desire, and our friends and family relations. This planet is not considered responsible for love yoga, but it is a very important planet for family relations.

Venus is considered to be the symbol of love, romance, and all that is beautiful. This planet is contemplate very responsible for marriage, love, and romance. For men, it provides knowledge about the wife. That’s why Venus is a very important planet in the case of love marriage while preparing the horoscope of a love marriage in astrology.

Mars represents male energy. In the case of girls, this planet also tells about boyfriends. Mars represents the enthusiasm or fire within us. In Nadi astrology, this planet represents the husband of the woman.

Rahu (greedy) represents desires. This planet represents everything that is against tradition or community norms. It makes a person sensual and infuses the willpower to enjoy life. It plays the most important role in indicating love marriage after Venus.

The planet Mercury is mostly misunderstood for the support of love marriage. This planet has the nature of a prince who always wants to enjoy and have fun. It communicates youth energy. In Nadi astrology, it also shows friends of the opposite sex, so it is very important to have the right condition of Mercury planet for the correct information about how to go for love marriage yoga.

Moon is the last Nakshatra to know about marriage yoga in Kundli. It is the benefactor of the mind and the most important thing in terms of love and romance. For love marriage, you should have an inclination towards love and romance. Some people are so serious or practical that it is arduous for them to fall in love and romance.

Love marriage yoga in a horoscope from an astrology Moon with emotional and sensitive signs plays a very important role while predicting a love marriage. Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces are more prominent in the lover’s horoscope. If you are born with Ascendant or Moon in these signs, you have a better chance of a love marriage than an arranged marriage.

How to know Whether it will be a Love Marriage or an Arranged Marriage?

The most prominent sign of love marriage is when the planet of love and the planet of romance make a clear connection with the planet itself. If the lord of the 5th house is in the 7th house or the lord of the 7th house is in the 5th house in a water sign, then the chances of a love marriage are very high.

If the lord of the fifth and seventh houses has changed zodiac signs, and constellations, then these are also very important signs for love marriage in astrology. If the 5th lord is in conjunction with the 11th house or with the 11th house, it strengthens the combination.

The 8th planet is the House of Sex and Physical Intimacy if the 5th planet is forming a relationship with the 8th planet such as the 5th lord placed in the 8th house or the 5th and 8th lords conjunct.

But mostly it is a secret relationship. If there is no connection with the seventh planet or its lord, then there is little chance of determining the love horoscope.

Mars Venus conjunction or sign exchange There are indications of passion and interest in romance. This relation is very effective if there are signs of the conjunction of Mars and Venus in the Navamsha chart also. If this type of combination is there in the horoscope, then there is definitely a possibility of a love marriage.

Arranged Marriage in Vedic Astrology

In the horoscope of any person, primarily the seventh house, the lord of the seventh house, Venus for the male person, and Mars/Jupiter for the female person are studied. Apart from the seventh house and its lord, it is necessary to study the second house and the lord of the second house, the eleventh house, and the lord of the eleventh house.

If the lords of the seventh, second and eleventh houses are in a relationship with each other, then the marriage is successful. If the lords of the second, seventh and eleventh houses are making any relation with the Sun and the Moon, then there will be an arranged marriage, that is, the marriage will take place with the agreement of the parents.

If the planet Venus somehow forms a relationship with the fourth house or the lord of the fourth house, the ninth house, or the lord of the ninth house, then in such a situation also there are more chances of an arranged marriage. If Venus forms a relationship with Sun and Moon or any auspicious planet, then also marriage takes place only with the consent of the parents.

While studying the Kundali of any female person, attention must be paid to the strength of Mars. If the lord of the second, seventh and eleventh house is making relations with Mars, then there is a possibility of marriage with the help of a brother. If Mars is related to Mercury, then the marriage can be done with the help of relatives of the maternal side and if it is related to Jupiter, then the marriage can be done with the help of a senior member of the house.

If the lords of the second, seventh and eleventh houses are making relation with the fourth house in any way or if they are making relation with the ninth house and its lord, then there will be an arranged marriage by the parents. If the lord of the second, seventh and eleventh house is related to Venus or any benefic planet is making relation with Venus then there are more chances of arranged marriage.

Arrange Marriage Yoga in Janam Patri

Astrologers say that when Jupiter aspects the fifth house, it creates a strong yoga of marriage in the Janam Patri of the native. The fate of Jupiter or sitting in Lagna and Jupiter in Mahadasha is also a factor of marriage. If Jupiter is placed in the eleventh house in the Varsha Kundli, then there are many possibilities of the person getting married in that year. Along with Jupiter, Venus, Moon, and Budha are also considered to be yoga karakas in the planets of the ascendant. When these planets are expecting the fifth house, then that time also creates conditions for marriage. Not only this, if walking together in Panchamesh or Saptamesh positions then it is also helpful for marriage.

Signs of an Arrange Marriage in Kundali

When both Mercury and Venus are in the seventh house, the promise of marriage continues, marriage takes place at half the age. If you have Saturn in the seventh or seventh house from your zodiac sign, then you are not interested in marriage. In the seventh house, Saturn and Jupiter get married late. When our horoscope is prepared, only then astrologers tell whether there is a marriage prediction by the date of birth or not.

In the seventh house from Moon, Jupiter marries late, so It is believed that the Moon belongs to Cancer. If the lord of the triplet house is in the seventh house, if no benefic planet is a yoga karaka, then there is a delay in male marriage. If Shani aspects Mars Lagna or Rashipati, and if Jupiter is sitting in the twelfth house, then there is a delay in marriage due to increased spirituality.

In the seventh house and in the twelfth house, there should be no factor of Jupiter or benefic planets, if the Moon is weak in the family house, marriage does not take place, and even if you go, there is no child. If the marriage takes place late, if the marriage is in Rahu’s Dasha, or if Rahu is afflicted in the seventh house, then the marriage breaks down, all because of mental confusion.


If you are eager to check your marriage prediction by date of birth and want to know whether it is love or arranged marriage that awaits you, then check the position of Venus in your horoscope. If it is placed in the 3rd, 10th, 11th, or 11th house from the Ascendant, it means that you are likely to have an arranged marriage.

Astrology not only tells about the reasons for the delay in marriage, but it also gives you remedies to The problems coming in your marriage that can go away. So the right approach would be to find out which are the malefic planets that are delaying the marriage.

After studying these malefic planets through online astrological consultation services, you can solve the problem by taking measures related to them. By studying the horoscope in-depth, such astrological remedies can be suggested, which will not delay the marriage. By doing these measures, you can get married as soon as possible and many of your problems related to marriage can be removed.

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