When people purchase a home, they often do it because they love how it looks or how it is designed. However, over time, this same feeling can fade away for some. This could be because you are bored with the home, or your needs/preferences have changed.

One of the best ways to spice up the look of your home and renew your love for it is with art. Art plays an important role in how your entire home looks and can have a big impact on the mood or vibe of a room. There are many different kinds of art that you can have throughout your home.

An increasingly popular option for many is a photo wall. This is essentially Wall Art covered in a number of different photos, portraits, or pieces of art. If you need a little inspiration or some ideas for how to create your own photo wall, this is the article for you. Without any further ado, let’s look at some great DIY ideas for a photo wall. Mixtiles uk is printed framed pictures that stick to any wall, leave no damage, and can be moved around. 

Consider a Theme

When thinking of creating a DIY photo wall, it is a good idea to consider a theme. This could be the style of art used, the type of poster frames used, or even the colors used. Having a cohesive plan is a good idea, as opposed to just putting up art on a wall and hoping for the best. This will help you choose how much space you need and the size that the photos or art should be.

Feel free to get as creative as you want with your theme, as well. For example, you could pick your favorite photo of all of your family members and enlist the help of a professional artist to transform these photos into painted portraits.

This is just one of many creative avenues you could take with your photo wall. Of course, feel free to design your photo wall in an abstract way, as well. It is your home, so it is up to you to decide how you want your photo wall to look.

Create a Design With the Art

A unique way to make your photo wall stand out as more than a simple gallery wall is to create a design with the photos. This could be a triangle, a heart, a circle, or anything else unique that you can think of. You could even use the photos as a border around some furniture or other decor.

Of course, be sure to plan this out on a table or the ground before you put it up on the wall. This will let you see the photo wall design, without actually having to commit to hanging up all the pieces right that second. Doing this can also keep you from putting a number of nails in the wall, only to have to move the photos anyways.

Build Your Own Photo Hanger

While most photo walls will use pictures or art hung up on the walls with hooks or nails, that is far from the only way to do things. A unique and simple-to-do idea is to attach sometime to a wall, and then hang art or photos from that.

There are a lot of options here. You could use some painted clothing hangers to hang photos from, could use a branch you found outside, or even a rustic pipe or piece of wood.

From there, you could simply tie some string or other type of cord onto the hanger, and then attach photos to that. Of course, as the photos aren’t securely attached to the wall, it is a good idea to use photos that are relatively light and small.

String the Photos Together Horizontally 

If you like the last idea, but instead want something with a little more width to cover more of the wall, consider using string to hang photos horizontally. Normally, polaroid pictures will work well with this idea, but any type of smaller photo should work.

This photo wall idea can give you whole-wall coverage, without being too “busy”. It is perfect for showing off pictures of family, friends, or even photos you took while out traveling.

If you want some added charm, consider using string lights. Stringing lights from one side of the wall to the other is easy, and it will be simple to attach/hang some photos at different points of the string lights. This can be done with clothespins, clips, or even gluing or taping the photos.

Consider the Colors

While this isn’t a DIY photo wall idea per se, it is certainly something that you need to consider. Having the right colors present in your photo wall can make or break how it looks in your home. You want to choose pictures and art colors that not only work well together but also work with the wall and decor color in the room.

The colors should complement each other, but that doesn’t mean they have to match. You could use different shades of the same color, or colors that have been known to look good together.

A great way to see which colors work well with another, and which don’t, is to refer to a color wheel. If you don’t consider the colors and choose something that works, your entire DIY photo wall idea might not look very good.

In conclusion, we hope this article is able to help you design and create the best photo wall possible.

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