Six Great Pottery Options for Home

You’re interested in pottery for home use but don’t know where to use it or how to decorate with it. There are so many different ways to institute pottery pieces into your home. Pottery can enhance every room in your home and even your outdoor spaces. From your bookshelves to your pool deck, there is somewhere in your home that is missing something, and adding pottery to that space is the perfect way to not only complete that space but make it stand out.

Pottery for Home Use: Six Ideas on How and Where To Use Pottery To Enhance Your Space

1. Pottery as Planters

Using architectural pottery as a planter for your plants is the perfect way to add life and design elements to your home. Not all planters are created equally, and if you’re looking interested in using pottery for home or outdoor use, you want to find something that stands out.

You don’t want to get the same basic pieces at your local big-box store, but instead, you want something that is both functional and conversational. Architectural pottery is exactly that. When you use pottery as planters, specifically larger pieces, you’ll make your space stand out and can add virtually any kind of plant to that piece of pottery.

When You Don’t Have a Green Thumb

You don’t have to have a green thumb to utilize pottery as a planter in your indoor or outdoor home decor. There are so many different faux plants and stems that you can add to a piece of pottery to enhance your living space and add color and life to your home. You can find a faux version of virtually every plant or flower that looks nearly identical to the real thing, so if you lack the skills to care for live plants, know that there are other options that require zero maintenance.

2. Pottery for Your Front Porch

Your front porch is the entry to your home, and whether you realize it or not, it gives guests the first impression of your home. If you love a grand entrance but don’t have a porch with columns and pillars or even elaborate front doors, that’s completely ok. You can still add the wow factor to your front porch without completely remodeling the exterior of your home.

Large, oversized architectural pottery can enhance your porch and make your house stand out, and even add curb appeal. Adding large or tall, faux, or real plants to your front porch pottery pieces can also draw the eye upward and add height and dimension to your porch.

3. Pottery for Shelf Styling

Bookshelves aren’t just for books, at least not anymore. In the interior design world, bookshelves are for styling, so even if you want to use your shelves to house your book collection, you can make that shelf stand out by styling it with items other than books, specifically pieces of pottery.

Strategically placing one or several pieces of architectural pottery on your shelves alongside your books, photos, or other decorative items can give your space more style, dimension, and visual appeal.

4. Pottery To Fill Space

If you have an area inside your home that just feels like something is missing, that’s probably not far off from reality. Long hallways, large living spaces, and even rooms with vaulted ceilings can make the space feel more open but also, at times, empty. If your living area, hallway, corner, or even bathroom feels empty, adding a beautiful piece of architectural pottery to that area can change the feel of that space and make the area feel complete.

5. Pottery for Your Pool Deck

If you’re planning on building a pool or revamping your pool deck, or you’ve just built a pool and are trying to enhance the area but aren’t sure how adding some oversized pieces of architectural pottery to the area is the perfect option. You can use oversized pottery to line the length or width of your pool and fill the pots with plants to give the entire area a luxurious feel.

Or, you can space the pots out around the pool deck and outdoor space to add visible texture and design to the entire area. Since there are different types of pottery, you can find the right pieces to match your pool design and outdoor decor, whether you want your space to have a more modern, traditional, or architectural feel.

6. Pottery as Landscaping

Architectural pottery can also be used to enhance your landscaping. If you have a garden bed in your front, back, or side yard that looks dull and lifeless, it may just need some dimension. Adding one or more pieces of pottery to your landscaping can change everything. In some cases, architectural pottery can even double as a small fountain, adding that coveted water feature to your front or backyard.

There are rooms, areas, and landscaping beds at your home that are just waiting to be finalized with a unique piece of pottery. The benefit of pottery, specifically architectural pottery, is that no one piece is exactly the same. Each is unique in its own right, so no matter how many pieces you choose to invest in for your home, each will be a one-of-a-kind, timeless design piece that will never go out of style.

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