7 Features Of React Native Push Notification Services That Make Everyone Love It

What are the 7 features of react-native push notification services? Read this blog to know.

React Native Push Notification for both Android and iOS is setting a new standard for eCommerce businesses.

It is because of its ability to target the audience effectively all over the world.

Plus, they are improving the stability of apps at a rapid speed. Not only this, but they are also assisting a plethora of apps to earn recognition.

But this is not the end. There are many other features of react-native push notification services that make everyone like it.

Before discussing its features, first, let’s explore what a react-native push notification is.

What Is Push Notification

Push notifications are brief alerts that people receive in real-time on their digital devices no matter whether the app is running or not. This is the most-in-demand online marketing channel used by marketers and users.

React native push notifications are the best way for regaining user engagement and boosting sales to your business.

Now, let’s discuss 7 features of React Native Push Notification Services

  • Segmentation

What will happen when you offer products and services to your customers as per their preferences?

Sales will increase.

That’s where react-native push notification comes in. You can subdivide push notifications as per gender, age, preferences, religion, location, etc. of your audience.

By doing so, you will know about the choices of your audience. And you can provide offers according to their tastes. Thereby, the chances of sales will increase.

  • Personalization

Another feature of react-native push notification is the use of personalization. Here, personalization means you can offer services to people by considering their interests.

Personalization persuades people to go for an unplanned buy and that also immediately.

Abandoned cart recovery is the best example of push notifications. If an app user has left something in their cart, you can send them a push notification one hour later- saying-” hey, you have missed something, buy it before midnight”

This message will create a sense of urgency in an app user and will compel them to buy that product.

  • Interactive Multimedia

Do you not get bored while reading long texts? Obviously yes.

But you can make your approach intriguing by taking advantage of react-native push notification services.

This is due to its provision of interactive media.

What you can do is incorporate videos, images, gifs, emojis, etc., in content and create it captivating.

This will drive the customers to open and see the entire notifications. Consequently, you will be able to get their attention. And you can convince them to buy your services. This is where you can improve your sales.

  • Inexpensive 

One of its features is its lower cost. For small businesses, it is not possible to hire celebrities at higher prices, run TV ads, and invest money in banners. 

But react-native push notification services are low in price. With these services, you can do marketing effectively and reach a wider range of customers.

  • Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is also the major feature of react-native push notification services. It is loved by marketers as well as customers.

Let’s suppose, you are out of the station. And you want to have pizza. But you do not, where it will be available around you.

That’s where push notification comes into play.

A food app sends you push notifications about nearby food outlets by targeting your IP address and city. 

  • Track Metrics

In the case of apps, they can not work well until and unless you make crucial changes that are needed to get the top position in the market.

This is where track metrics are considered. You can receive interactive insights by sending push notifications.

Moreover, you can get an open rate, viewing time, viewed product pages, and many other actions that are performed by customers while responding to your notification.

In this way, this will let you know which products are most in-demand and which of your products need improvements. And this will help you to increase your sales. 

Plus, you can also use react native push notifications as feedback. This feedback helps you to know your flaws.

  • Serve As A Reminder

 Suppose, today you have an official meeting. But you do not remember 

That’s where push notification helps you not to miss anything.

Push notifications are beneficial for reminding users about their important events, meetings, and many other activities. Because of this, everyone feels that they are important to you. This ultimately increases user engagement and maximizes sales.


So, these are the seven features of react-native push notification services that make everybody interested in using them. You can use them to generate leads for your eCommerce business. Because this not only provides you with an opportunity to reach a wider range of customers but also convinces users to open your notification and make a visit to your platform

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