In this context, it is essential that organizations focus their economic, technical and human resources on increasing the labor productivity of workers. Now, to do this, it is essential to maintain the motivation of the staff, a truly complicated task in an environment marked by uncertainty.

For this reason, quality payroll & benefits provider managers are considering issues such as payroll outsourcing, to focus on implementing new and modern people management policies. Something that, in the current situation, is not always an option.

Fortunately, there is increasing awareness about the importance and value of people, as the driving force of organizations, to achieve business objectives. For this reason, multiple trends are proliferating that aim to place people at the center of corporate strategy: people centric, team centric, marketing…

What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing is synonymous with outsourcing the payroll management service. That is, the company looks for external professionals to carry out this task. The objective is to help the HR department to streamline the payroll management cycle and, in addition, to be able to count on the support of experts in the sector.

Payroll outsourcing can help organize, supervise and improve management and, consequently, organize, supervise and also improve part of the company’s finances. But one of the important advantages of outsourcing is giving HR teams more time to focus on the health and well-being of the human capital in the corporation. The more satisfied employees are in an organization, the greater their productivity and, therefore, the greater the achievement of objectives.

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing

According to what has been mentioned, the strategic role of HR experts becomes more substantial than ever. So, through payroll outsourcing, these teams can focus on designing HR policies in line with the needs of the workforce.

In parallel, betting on a partner in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provides organizations with such notable advantages as the following:

  • Cheaper access to technology.
  • Greater satisfaction and productivity.
  • Elimination of penalty costs.
  • More time available.
  • Greater focus on strategic business objectives.
  • Adaptation and automatic adaptation of the cost to the economic situation of the company.
  • Improving the competitive advantage of the business in the market.

Challenges to Undertake from HR

Once we have launched the payroll outsourcing project with our BPO partner, what is the mission of HR? What activities should we launch? What processes should we optimize? We tell you the most outstanding tasks!

  • Talent selection and retention: Develop coherent, modern and attractive HR policies. At the same time, they promote equal opportunities between men and women and family and personal conciliation.
  • Training plans: Promote the professional development of the organization’s employees, a fundamental aspect for increasing productivity and improving employee branding.
  • Template planning: Define the jobs and the competency map required for each job. That is, individual, departmental and corporate objectives. As well as implementing reskilling and up skilling techniques, with the aim of professionally retraining the skills and abilities of the staff.
  • Performance evaluation: Evaluation of the progress of the staff’s knowledge levels and compliance with objectives, increasing the motivation of the employed personnel.

In summary, companies and their managers must learn to adapt to the market and their environment. In this sense, payroll outsourcing can make the difference in surviving the crisis and even emerging stronger.

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