The United States is a vast country with diverse regions and a complex addressing system. As part of this system, states and zip codes play a crucial role in accurately identifying and locating addresses across the country. This essay aims to provide an overview of the valid states and zip codes in the United States, highlighting the importance of these elements in facilitating efficient mail delivery, location identification, and data management.

StateCityZIP Code(s)
Alabama (AL)Huntsville35801 to 35816
Alaska (AK)Anchorage99501 to 99524
Arizona (AZ)Phoenix85001 to 85055
Arkansas (AR)Little Rock72201 to 72217
California (CA)


Los Angeles

Beverly Hills

94203 to 94209

90001 to 90089

90209 to 90213

Colorado (CO)Denver80201 to 80239
Connecticut (CT)Hartford06101 to 06112
Deleware (DE)Dover19901 to 19905
District of Columbia (DC)Washington20001 to 20020
Florida (FL)




32501 to 32509

33124 to 33190

32801 to 32837

Georgia (GA)Atlanta30301 to 30381
Hawaii (HI)Honolulu96801 to 96830
Idaho (ID)Montpelier83254
Illinois (IL)



60601 to 60641

62701 to 62709

Indiana (IN)Indianapolis46201 to 46209
Iowa (IA)


Des Moines

52801 to 52809

50301 to 50323

Kansas (KS)Wichita67201 to 67221
Kentucky (KY)Hazard41701- 41702
Lousiana (LA)New Orleans70112 to 70119
Maine (ME)Freeport04032 to 04034
Maryland (MD)Baltimore21201 to 21237
Massachusetts (MA)Boston02101 to 02137
Michigan (MI)




49734 – 49735

Minnesota (MN)Duluth55801 to 55808
Mississippi (MS)Biloxi39530 to 39535
Missouri (MO)St. Louis63101 to 63141
Montana (MT)Laurel59044
Nebraska (NE)Hastings68901 – 68902
Nevada (NV)Reno89501 to 89513
New Hampshire (NH)Ashland03217
New Jersey (NJ)Livingston07039
New Mexico (NM)Santa Fe87500 to 87506
New York (NY)New York10001 to 10048
North Carolina (NC)Oxford27565
North Dakota (ND)Walhalla58282
Ohio (OH)Cleveland44101 to 44179
Oklahoma (OK)Tulsa74101 to 74110
Oregon (OR)Portland97201 to 97225
Pennsylvania (PA)Pittsburgh15201 to 15244
Rhode Island (RI)Newport02840 – 02841
South Carolina (SC)Camden29020
South Dakota (SD)Aberdeen57401 – 57402
Tennessee (TN)Nashville37201 to 37222
Texas (TX)Austin78701 to 78705
Utah (UT)Logan84321 to 84323
Vermont (VT)Killington05751
Virginia (VA)Altavista24517
Washington (WA)Bellevue (home of Windoze)98004 to 98009
West Virginia (WV)Beaver25813
Wisconsin (WI)Milwaukee53201 to 53228
Wyoming (WY)Pinedale82941
The Valid US Cities and Zip Codes List – ZIP Code™ Lookup
US ZIP codes are a type of postal code used within the United States. The first digit of a USA ZIP code generally represents a group of U.S. states. We made a list of the ZIP codes in 50 states of the US. 

Zip codes in the United States are numerical codes used to identify specific geographic areas for mail delivery purposes. These five-digit codes, introduced in 1963, provide a standardized system to facilitate efficient sorting and distribution of mail across the country. Over time, additional zip code formats have been introduced, such as the nine-digit ZIP+4 codes for more precise location identification. Zip codes can vary from rural areas to densely populated cities. While it is not feasible to list every valid zip code in the United States, individuals can access accurate and up-to-date zip code information through official postal services websites, including the United States Postal Service (USPS) website.

Understanding the valid states and zip codes in the United States is crucial for accurate address identification, mail delivery, and efficient data management. These standardized systems allow for smooth communication, location identification, and logistical operations throughout the country. As individuals and organizations interact with various services and engage in correspondence, knowledge of the valid states and proper use of zip codes contribute to seamless transactions and effective communication within the United States.