Knowledge and confidence is a great power. We live in a hyper-competitive world where everyone shares everything on social media, and people earn millions in their 20s. This era can drive people crazy, forcing them to take more work, wake up at 6 am, and eat only green food and other things that don’t make them happier.

While some believe that all those actions lead to self-improvement, sustainable growth means different things in reality. It is more about paying attention to your health and mental wellness, working on your body, thoughts, and work-life balance. Self-improvement also leads to a happier life when done wisely. 

However, sticking to a schedule and turning self-improvement actions into habits could be hard. Let’s explore how to achieve this below.

Set Realistic Goals

On your self-improvement journey, you will experience ups and downs. While ups will make you feel more powerful, you may set unrealistic goals and experience downs that can ruin the entire process. That is why it is best to start with setting small yet realistic goals that don’t take too much resources or energy from you. Reward yourself with something special every time you reach goals.

Use Software Tools

We live in a digital world where the tech market offers many options for continuous learning. You can start exploring different exciting platforms, like Headway, that offer fun and engaging learning so you can pick new hobbies and learn new skills that resonate most with your personality and learning style.

Whether it will be reading more books, watching a webinar, taking online courses, subscribing to blogs offering free courses in return for emails or anything else, software tools provide endless opportunities for self-improvement.

Leverage the Margin in Your Life

Both millionaires and you have the same 24 hours in your day. However, the difference is how you spend your time and how you invest it. Some sleep for more than 10 hours, while successful people have a stable sleep schedule of 7-9 hours a day, which is the optimal amount of sleep, according to National Sleep Foundation guidelines. Find the time in the day when you are not productive and see if you can exploit that time to boost your self-growth.


Doing something you experienced is great, but breakthroughs only happen when you sit down and try something new. Without doing something new and experimenting, you will soon find yourself in the same place as 5 years ago. Whether you choose a new skill or learn how to do something you have never tried, it will help you expand your knowledge and connections and let you learn best when you perform the way you want to.

Build a Reference Library

Whenever you find something interesting or a solution to a problem, write it down somewhere and organise your insights. This helps you get back to insights when you struggle with something and expands your knowledge, and keeps your personal growth sustainable.

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