Simple Nutritional Tips for a Pregnant Woman

A woman’s nutrition during pregnancy is important not only for her own health. During the nine months, the baby’s skeleton, muscle tissue, internal organs, and nervous system are formed.

Any product eaten can be beneficial or detrimental to the baby growing in the womb. That is why it’s essential for every mother to know everything about proper nutrition, which food to choose, and which dish to refuse, even if you really want to.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

Nutrition of a pregnant woman should be full, enriched with vitamins, minerals and all necessary microelements. Thanks to this:

  • The embryo growing in the uterus is provided with the necessary “building material”.
  • The normal life support of the mother’s body is ensured.
  • Pregnancy proceeds properly, the placenta grows actively and the mammary glands are prepared for lactation.
  • The chances of producing enough milk increase. Check Majka for tips on increasing milk supply.

Learning to Eat Right During Pregnancy

Women during pregnancy can make many common mistakes. Every mom should know the basic rules and peculiarities of nutrition in this “special” stage of life.

Adhere to the Schedule 

“In the middle of the night I have a wolf’s appetite. I go to the fridge and eat everything in a row: yesterday’s pilaf, rolls, a piece of cake and herring with orange juice”. This behavior is familiar to many pregnant women.

Usually, women in the period of pregnancy indulge their weaknesses, and it’s in vain. Abundant night “snacks” lead to disorders of the digestive tract and gain extra pounds.

If late at night, or even at night there is a desire to have a snack while gambling at the National Casino or watching Netflix, it’s better to drink a glass of nonfat yogurt. This will help to relieve hunger, it will be easy to fall asleep, and there will be no weight in the stomach.

Drink More Water

The body of a pregnant woman is very sensitive to any deviations in diet. If a woman eats dry food, it greatly increases the risk of constipation, gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. For the digestive system to work like clockwork, it’s important to eat liquid foods regularly and drink enough fluids (water is best). Light soups from lean meats and fish are always a priority.

The rate of water consumption depends on the characteristics of the woman’s body and the duration of pregnancy, but on average, it’s recommended to consume at least 2300 ml of fluids per day.

Sweet carbonated drinks should be completely excluded. It’s better to prepare homemade morsels, compotes and herbal teas. You should also avoid strong tea and coffee.

Breakfast is an Essential Start of the Day

The first meal of the day “triggers” the entire digestive system and awakens the entire body. Neglecting breakfast leads to overeating in the afternoon or evening and adversely affects the body of the pregnant woman. If in the morning you feel nauseous and don’t want to eat at all, you can drink some yogurt or morsels.

Avoid Spicy and Salty Foods

The first months of pregnancy are usually accompanied by a strong craving for spicy and salty. Fully abandoning spicy or overly salty dishes during pregnancy is desirable, but not necessary – it’s important to know the measure. Salty and spicy foods can lead to heartburn and fluid retention in pregnant women.

Be Sure to Eat in Moderation

Eating “for two”. This is a favorite dietary principle of many pregnant women. Eating for themselves and the baby, they often exceed all the allowable norms so much that they gain an extra 10-15 kg in a short time.

This is a fundamentally wrong approach. In the first trimester, the baby growing in the woman’s belly is still small. It doesn’t need an adult’s portion of food. A mother should eat a full and varied amount of food, but in moderation, focusing on the quality of nutrition, not the quantity.

The onset of pregnancy is an essential reason for a pregnant woman to reconsider her eating habits and switch to a rational diet.

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