Pregnancy requires the creation of favorable conditions for the harmonious formation and development of the child. This can be achieved with the right diet, frequent walks, and distraction from anxiety, and stress. Yoga for pregnant women helps to create spiritual harmony, soothes, and improves mood.

Pregnant women should observe complete calm and harmony. Well, if you are not pregnant yet and want to get adrenaline and a good mood, then visit Vave. Well, to learn more about yoga for pregnancy, read this article!

The Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga for pregnant women differs from the standard version by the selection of tasks and practices taking into account the condition of the expectant mother; it is intended for use at any time. Attention is paid to breathing practices and techniques for controlling the emotional state and improving physical fitness. Additional benefits:

  • respiratory control and the most complete oxygen saturation of the blood;
  • increasing the efficiency of the respiratory and endocrine systems;
  • strengthening the pelvic, back, and abdominal muscles, and reducing the load on the spine;
  • splitting of fat deposits;
  • prevention of varicose veins and edema;
  • strengthening immunity.

Home yoga for pregnant women is a set of simple exercises that even a beginner can do. Simple asanas, static poses, deep, even breathing. In a week, swelling, nausea, and headaches will pass. The mood of the expectant mother will improve, and there will be more energy.

Features of Yoga Practice at Different Stages of Pregnancy

The benefits of yoga for pregnant women are undeniable. But in order not to harm you, you need to consult with a specialist. The complex is also selected according to the time, the general condition of the woman, and possible contraindications.

Yoga at 1-13 weeks of pregnancy includes exercises that reduce and eliminate problems with the digestive system. Asanas reduce pain in the lower abdomen and relieve signs of intoxication, dizziness, and pain in the head.

Yoga at 14-27 weeks of pregnancy helps to prepare the body for entering the third trimester. Special attention is paid to inverted poses, which allow for avoiding the problem of varicose veins, and asanas strengthen the body and relieve tension from the spine. Yoga poses for pregnant women at this time exclude twisting, squeezing of the abdomen, and turns and tilts of the body.

Yoga from the 28th week of pregnancy is the minimum number of static asanas. All complex standing poses are performed with the support of a chair or a wall. The main attention is paid to breathing practices and reducing the load on the back, and lower back. Yoga at this stage sets up the body for the upcoming birth.

Contraindications for Classes

Pregnancy is a complex condition that requires a careful approach and attitude. It is forbidden to engage in the presence of bleeding of any nature, the threat of miscarriage. Contraindications include:

  • External manifestations. Pronounced toxicosis with severe vomiting and weight loss.
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system. Increased heart rate (tachycardia), pressure changes, dizziness.
  • Pathology. Deviation from the norm of amniotic fluid, in which there is an excess of it (polyhydramnios). Severe pregnancy at any stage.

It is better to learn more about contraindications from your doctor. Yoga for pregnant women is designed to improve the body of the expectant mother. In addition, it is a physical activity, not an intense movement. The cells are saturated with oxygen, the baby grows healthy and strong in the womb. 

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