Women; they are the givers of life, and they should be celebrated each and every day. Just think about it, another human being growing inside of you, it is tough to do. It is a miracle. But this process does not happen on its own. Women act as a nourisher to a growing child, feeding them, allowing them to receive oxygen, they act as a vector, passing life through. This means that it is very important for women to eat certain foods during the months of pregnancy to ensure that they themselves are fully loaded with the nutrients they need to bare this high demand on their body.

What Not to Eat

There is no better place to start than pointing out a few well-known substances. Alcohol should not be consumed when pregnant, neither should there be any smoking of cigarettes. This is a given. Caffeine in high amounts should be avoided, high levels of caffeine can lead to increased chances of birth defects. Fish that are high in Mercury should also be avoided. Medical professionals have also said that raw meats and processed meats should be avoided as best as possible.

A Short Guide on What to Consume

It is true that what needs to be consumed will change as the pregnancy develops. What is needed in trimester one will not be needed in trimester two. Interestingly, trimester one requires a lot of leafy greens to be consumed. This also comes with a recommendation to drink orange juice due to high levels of vitamin C. Trimester two has a focus on more omega-3 fatty acids, recommending pregnant women to eat salmon, eggs and tofu. Nutrition in the third trimester is especially interesting. By this stage, you are carrying a heavy load. The due date is not too far away. It can be hard to fit in full meals. Due to this, it is recommended that pregnant women consume fermented foods and probiotics. Eggs should be eaten in abundance. Eggs are high in Choline, which is great for pregnant women both during their pregnancy and during the stage of breast-feeding.

The Lengths Some People Go To

Pregnancy is not a contest, therefore, there is no podium that you can put someone on for going to a certain length. Some people refuse the taking of drugs, some people live a very strict life, and others do not. A recent trend that has grown in popularity is the use of surrogates. Through IVF treatment, a fertilised egg can be placed in a surrogate mother. For more information on what surrogates get paid, click here.

For information on diet and health, look here. Keep yourself informed and live a better life!

There you have it. Some tips and bits of advice to keep in mind when thinking about what is good to be consumed during pregnancy. Take these tips and implement them alongside further learning, this will allow you to improve your chances of a safe pregnancy. And remember; absolutely no alcohol or cigarettes.

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