We must admit it: self-care was never a thing for women until recently. Most women have no option but to put self-care last.  

A study found that 76% of women in America spend up to 10 hours daily caring for their children, husbands, parents, or partners. 

Women end up feeling burned out. Their mental health gets depleted, along with their physical health.

So, as a woman, it’s time you prioritize yourself, and here are a few simple steps to begin! 

  1. Make self-care a priority 

Activities that strengthen you emotionally, intellectually, mentally, physically, or spiritually can be considered self-care. Understand your needs in these areas and work on fulfilling them. 

However, when you prioritize your well-being, it might feel selfish. But think, how long can you pour from an empty cup? 

So, practice caring for yourself, and you will see you can care for others more vigorously. 

  1. Create a healthy lifestyle 

Take care of your body. Exercise in a way that brings pleasure. Set a diet routine with nourishing food, take supplements, and have regular health checkups. 

Join calming practices like meditation or journaling. Practicing gratitude also has a massive impact on your mind and spirit. These habits take little time but add up to a lot when done regularly. 

Plan your day around these activities. You will find yourself in a more balanced state of mind. Further, your productivity will also increase. 

  1. Take care of your sexual health 

It is great if you have a partner to satisfy your sexual needs. But you need to explore your sexuality and sensuality on your own. 

So, take control of your pleasure. Explore what pleases you and learn about your erogenous zones. Consider masturbating regularly as a self-care ritual. 

You can invest in different pleasure toys to intensify the experience. If you want recommendations, get a rose toy for earth-shattering orgasms. 

Orgasm allows our brains to release a lot of feel-good chemicals. It regulates mood, eases pain, and releases sleep-inducing chemicals. Moreover, you will feel empowered at the end of every session! 

  1. Tear apart all beauty standards 

Most women grow up listening to stereotypes and stigmas that impact their self-esteem and how they view themselves. They face impossible beauty standards and think less of how they look. 

Find ways to unlearn these stigmas and love yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

You can learn self-acceptance and self-forgiveness with practice. You can do simple practices like complimenting yourself in front of a mirror. 

Create affirmations that praise the woman you are and repeat them to yourself. Compliment yourself. Be your cheerleader. 

Think about what used to bring you joy as a child. Can you bring back that old hobby in any way? 

Buy dresses and lingerie that make you feel good. Dress up for your joy and not others, and relish your beauty. 

  1. Nurture a healthy support system 

Often, women think sharing that they need support might make them look weak. 

Well, your vulnerability is a sign of your strength!

You need to be cared for as you care for others. You need to be inspired and encouraged. A supportive and uplifting friend circle and family is a must-have for women.

So, identify your needs and talk to your friends and family. Or, consider taking the services of a life coach and therapist if needed. 

You will find people who care for you and will be more than happy to support you. Also, it is sometimes okay to fall apart to come back stronger. 

  1. Strengthen your boundaries 

Often, women say “yes” when they don’t have the energy or time to entertain a request. But it’s high time you identify what activities/actions of people deplete you and learn to say “No.” 

Well, you’ll need a bit of practice to embrace this habit. You might even feel scared that people will abandon you when you refuse them. And people that only wanted benefits will also leave you for good!

But those who care will always respect your decision. So, embark on this new journey!


Remember, self-care is not just about buying pretty things. It’s about nurturing a steady commitment and love towards yourself with lots of discipline and sincerity.

Often, you might face inner resistance and unfelt emotions when you begin. But take tiny steps, and you’ll have a healthier life soon!

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