Prescription medicines are drugs that cannot be sold over-the-counter without the proper authorization/order written by a medical practitioner after diagnosis and prescription. These drugs are designed to treat particular illnesses, and public health authorities control them in order to make sure they meet medical standards. Nevertheless, these drug addicts resort to illegitimate ways of obtaining these medicines, such as using the Internet to purchase drugs without prescriptions.

What are prescribed medicines?

The medicines prescribed are drugs prescribed for particular medical disorder/signs. These medications may be simple antibiotics for minor infections or potent drugs for chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These drugs can normally be secured by way of prescriptions as their likelihood of leading to severe consequences, including some side effects, is higher than the rest.

What are the dangers?

No proof that medicine has been tested and approved: The process of acquiring some drugs through illegal means is accompanied by huge risks. A major drawback for these substances is that there is no proof indicating they have undergone appropriate tests for legal approval.

Government agencies thoroughly test and clinically evaluate prescription drugs for safety and efficacy before approval. This makes their use safe for the public. Nevertheless, it is impossible to ensure both their quality and safety if one buys them illegally.

There is no certain knowledge of how or where the medicine was made. The other risk is the origin of manufacture and place. These drugs are produced in various factories that are never registered, and they also may not meet the requirements of legal drug manufacturers’ safety. As a result, the medicines may become contaminated or less strong than expected.

The medicine may not have been packaged, labeled, or stored correctly. It could be out-of-date: The drugs might not have been packaged properly, labeled appropriately, or stored properly, leading to other health dangers. These drugs also demand proper keeping under certain environmental conditions that were probably uncontrolled for the ones. This may lead to expired products or drugs that are dangerous or useless.

Safety of taking: Illegal drugs could also be unsafe as they are likely going to react with any other medicine that you may have taken before. Without your doctor’s supervision, how do you even know if the mix of pills you’re consuming is safe? It poses a significant danger of toxic reactions or undesirable results from improper medical monitoring, which could have been avoided.

Pros of getting a prescription from a doctor

Although these medications may pose certain risks, getting them from a doctor still has merits. Initially, healthcare suppliers have the knowledge and equipment they use to accurately diagnose a specific medical problem while recommending the right medications. This ensures that you are treated the way you deserve by being given medicine that suits your needs as an individual with special requirements.

Again, this necessitates regular visits to a healthcare provider with appropriate treatment and health control. So, the doctor will be able to keep track of your state and fine-tune the treatment scheme if needed. For instance, this applies particularly in the cases of those medications whose close observation is necessary such as one of the examples like hormone replacement therapy.

The other advantage of having a prescription from a medical practitioner is the guarantee that you will succeed in meeting your expectations. Since healthcare providers know what’s best for your condition, they will pick the right treatment for you and monitor its effects in order for it to be successful.

Seeking a doctor’s prescription also entails being under indefinite medical supervision. The doctor can also help you throughout the treatment by giving advice. He/she can also watch out for any adverse reactions or changes that might be required.

Online prescriptions

Technology and convenience have resulted in a society relying on the Internet to find instant or online remedies, including prescription drugs. However, it is important to note that there are two types of internet-based HGH providers: trustable providers, like reputable providers staffed with medical doctors, versus illegal providers. Thorough research should be done, and only authentic doctors should provide prescriptions for medications.

Although ordering online prescriptions might look economically sounder than visiting a physical pharmacy, this should not be the case when one’s health is at stake. The final point is that illegally obtained medication might be more expensive in the long run. This could result in health complications, potential interactions of such medicines with other medicines, and a host of related effects like ineffective treatment.

How to order over the Internet

Concerning how to get HGH prescribed online in the US, there are genuine web pharmacies and clinics with authorized physicians. Nevertheless, one should also take caution because there is no guarantee that a random online company will offer high-quality services. Search for reviews, proof of credibility, and anything else that could suggest otherwise.


Therefore, buying drugs without a prescription may be deadly to your health. There is also the need to obtain prescriptions from qualified practitioners and ensure that the medicine being bought comes from genuine sources. Although this might appear to be convenient, one has to make sure that they are healthy and safe by visiting a doctor who is going to give them medical guidance and supervision when purchasing their drugs online. Bear in mind that your life is more important than making some savings for such drugs. Look for more health and fitness info at respectable websites such as the Mayo Clinic, Healthline, and The Endocrine.


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