Many people don’t pay much attention to their dental health and let it deteriorate to an extent where normal chewing and biting capacities also get affected. One of the studies reveals that the US has over 120 million people with at least one missing tooth. They lose it due to slip and fall, athletic activities, decay, or others. Few people who look for corrective measures pursue them for aesthetic reasons. Understanding that missing teeth is a serious dental problem and needs proper attention is essential.

Of course, eating and speaking challenges will occur. With this, the risk of bacterial growth in the space remains high, potentially leading to more tooth decay or gum disease. If the upper teeth are missing, one can suffer sinus issues. If you know about these already, you need to learn more about the problems associated with a missing tooth to keep your dental condition in check.

Bone loss

Living tissues, like bones, grow and heal with time. When you age or have knocked out your tooth, bone can lose its natural regenerative abilities and shrink. You need to ensure these tissues don’t lose their density. Jawbones get their stimulation from dental roots when you chew your food. However, tooth loss can impact the specific tooth root and the bone that holds your teeth in place. When it happens, your jawbone becomes weaker, posing risks for other teeth. So, please restore your tooth/ teeth before it’s too late. You can go for dental implants at Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions or another nearby clinic to address your problem.

Digestion problems

While you focus on chewing difficulty more with your missing tooth, you overlook one central area that can affect your overall health. When you chew, the smaller bits of food enter your digestive system to break down more quickly. This process suffers when you don’t have all the teeth in place. Your digestive organs need to work harder to process the food. Because the stomach releases extra acid to help this, you face more health issues. Indigestion and constipation can be expected consequences. You also become devoid of nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and meats. It can affect your healthy eating habits, making you rely more on easy-to-chew processed foods.

Limited mobility

You may not know, but missing a tooth can also affect your grip and walking speed, especially if you are old. Because of the compromised jawbone health, your structural balance can go for a toss. Some studies reveal that without or with improper dentures, aged people can slip and fall more. However, they notice an improvement in their walking speed when they replace the tooth/ teeth.

If you lose your front teeth and don’t fix them, your lips and mouth shape can become affected. The lack of adequate muscles due to the missing tooth can form a permanent frown in the area, ruining your appearance more. There are endless issues one can face due to this single trouble. Hence, it’s better to get it fixed by expert dentists. They can recommend dental implants to solve most of your concerns.

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