Navigating the complex world of health insurance can be challenging for travel nurses, who often must adapt their lives according to new assignments, making finding suitable health coverage an essential consideration. Travel nurses need an arrangement that offers flexibility and comprehensive coverage and assures them of medical care no matter where their travels may lead them. 

This article will explore the healthcare options available to travel nurses, considering their individual requirements and providing suggestions that fit best. Understanding your health insurance options is key in maintaining good health while traveling!

What insurance options are available to travel nurses?

You have two main options when it comes to travel nurse health insurance. You can choose from the following options if you want something different.

A health insurance policy provided by an agent

Travel nurse agencies offer health insurance to nurses, so they don’t have to worry about finding their own. While it may seem easy to stick with the plan provided, there are some downsides.

Let’s consider some of the pros and cons of agency-provided health insurance plans.


Selecting an agency health insurance plan offers several distinct advantages. First, it relieves you of the strain of finding suitable healthcare coverage by offering standard coverage from default providers through them. 

Also, these plans tend to be more cost-effective than private plans because many recruitment companies contribute a portion of the costs themselves and offer comprehensive plans that cover vision and dental benefits that might otherwise require extra expenditures elsewhere.


However, agency health insurance plans also come with disadvantages. One significant drawback is that these plans typically only apply while you are actively on assignment, leaving gaps of non-employment coverage unprotected. 

Obtaining new insurance plans will likely be necessary if you switch agencies since most agency-specific plans don’t cover work with new agencies. One risk associated with working through an agency is losing your insurance plan if your employment with them ends, which could create a difficult and time-consuming search for another plan. 

Additionally, switching agencies frequently can result in having your deductibles reset multiple times within the same year. Finally, refusing insurance plan changes could cause you to miss lucrative contracts and business opportunities, as certain hospitals prefer nurses from specific agencies.

Private health insurance

My Private Health Insurance is a company that specializes in travel nurse health insurance nationwide get affordable health coverage on PPO Networks of name brands. Private health insurance can fill any gaps in the agency’s healthcare plan. Private health insurance with a nationwide PPO network is the best option for travel nurses. 

First-time travel nurses can keep their permanent health insurance and not have to switch plans each time they move. If you choose to stick to the benefits provided by your recruiter or the agency you are contracted with, you will have to change insurance plans every time you relocate. The rates of agency health insurance can be high, and they are usually short-term insurance plans with underwriting at the time of a claim or denial. These plans are also usually HMOs or EPOs that only cover your area. 

My Private Health Insurance agents can help you find affordable private health insurance that provides permanent protection through the largest PPO networks, such as United Health Care and Cigna. Nurses are responsible for insurance when they travel individually. The pros and cons of this travel include:


Opting for private health insurance presents several advantages. One of the primary benefits is the continuous coverage it offers throughout the year, ensuring that you are protected without any gaps, unlike agency insurance plans. This comprehensive coverage provides you with peace of mind and security. 

Additionally, private insurance grants you the freedom to travel for job assignments without the concern of how your benefits might be affected by changing roles. This flexibility enables you to pursue opportunities wherever they arise.

Certain agencies even offer extra compensation if you utilize private insurance instead of enrolling in their insurance plans. This additional payment can be an insurance allowance, providing you with a financial incentive.

Private insurance extends its coverage across multiple agencies, irrespective of the assignments you are working on. This means you can confidently complete various assignments, knowing your insurance plan covers your health and well-being.

Another significant advantage of private insurance is the ability to tailor your plan to suit your medical needs. This is particularly valuable if you have a medical condition that requires specific coverage. Private insurance gives you higher reliability and coverage than company-provided insurance plans, which may not offer comprehensive coverage.

Moreover, private plans grant you greater control over various aspects of your coverage, including determining your monthly premium, copays, and deductibles. This level of customization provides you with a more personalized and adaptable insurance solution.


However, private health insurance comes with its set of drawbacks. One notable limitation is the higher cost of finding and maintaining private insurance coverage, as individuals must cover the entire cost individually.

Additionally, some insurance companies may only offer coverage in some states, which can be problematic for travel nurses who require nationwide coverage. Nevertheless, nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks affiliated with major brands such as United HealthCare or Cigna can offer coverage across all states, ensuring a more comprehensive solution for travel nurse health insurance needs.

Is there a health insurance option that is best for nurses?

Travel nurses are relieved not to worry about their insurance because of the pandemic. We understand that constantly changing insurance plans can be inconvenient as your contract is always expiring, and you are moving from one state to another. Therefore, a PPO network with an established brand would be the best option. 

It is up to the individual to choose a United Healthcare PPO Network or a Cigna PPO Network. By joining one of these PPO networks, care assistants no longer have to worry about their coverage in the state or city where they accept their new contract.

Consider these points:

  • Compare the costs of private health insurance with those offered by an agency.
  • Ask your recruiter if the employer will pay you more for bringing your insurance policy. The extra money can be used to pay for insurance.
  • Some companies will maintain your coverage after you have completed a contract. It’s a great way to fill in gaps, and the extra payment is deducted from your next salary. Check with your agency to see if this service is available.
  • A private plan is a good option if you travel frequently. It is best to estimate how much your insurance costs will be each year and plan accordingly.
  • Choose the plan that offers the most coverage.
  • You should check if the plan you choose covers your pre-existing condition.
  • You can compare agency and private insurance for nurses who don’t work year-round. It is important to compare the costs of private insurance and agency insurance.
  • Ask your insurance agency if you can combine an individual policy with a plan provided by the agency. You can save money by choosing a plan that covers a larger area.

For example, nurses will always be required on the front line. Every individual has different insurance needs and requirements. The best insurance plan requires serious consideration and thought. A good travel nurse health insurance policy is essential when traveling because you might need unexpected medical attention. Travel nurses are the best choice if they offer exceptional coverage for a reasonable price with no gaps.

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