The cat is out of the bag, the genie is out of the bottle, and despite the opposition of a few endangered political dinosaurs, the legal consumption of marijuana is a million-dollar industry spreading across the world that shows no signs of stopping! Long-time aficionados rejoice, and those new to marijuana’s health and recreational benefits are eagerly exploring the amazing experiences this amazing medicinal herb can provide. Most people have heard of smoking marijuana with pipes, water bongs, and rolled paper joints, but there is a new kid on the block called vaping. You have probably heard of vaping by now, but just what exactly does it mean?

The marijuana vape pen is basically just a new way of inhaling the beneficial chemicals of the cannabis plant. The pen-shaped, portable, vaporiser is most often used in conjunction with cartridges that contain cannabis oil. At first glance, one might mistake vape pens for some new variety of Sex Toys thanks to their sleek, cylindrical shape! Aficionados maintain that the vapour they produce in lieu of smoke has a more subtle aroma, and the process doesn’t produce the kind of smelly cloud a pipe or joint does, so they are better for stealth toking in public places than the traditional implements.

A cannabis vape operates by heating the cannabis oil derived from the marijuana plant to a very hot temperature, much more than a butane lighter or match can produce. The process creates a smokeless vapour that can be safely inhaled. This can be accomplished by two similar methods, conduction and convection.

Conduction: The cannabis oil is heated via direct contact with the heating element, creating the delicious vapour that so many cannabis users are now enjoying. As with anything, there are a few downsides to this process. Conduction doesn’t always heat the cannabis oil evenly which can result in some wastage. In addition, the oil can become burned by the heating element if it grows too hot, resulting in a less-than-pleasant taste that can put a real damper on your experience.

Convection: Instead of a hot surface in direct contact with the oil, there is no contact between the heating element and the cannabis at all! In the same way, kitchen convection ovens work, the convection vape pen heats the air inside with an atomiser. That heated air is then blown over the cannabis oil transforming it into vapour. This is a bit of a slower process than a conduction vape can provide, but is much less likely to ruin your precious cannabis oil, and will provide you with a pleasant vape experience nearly every time!

Some types of marijuana vapes will produce a stronger odour than others, but when compared to the old-fashioned smoking of cannabis, vaping is much less smelly. You can even purchase THC distillates which contain no terpenes, the chemicals that give marijuana its aroma, for an odourless experience.

There is a wide range of vape styles and options available on the market, so it’s best to ask to test them out at the shop before you buy to find the right one for your personal tastes. Vapes are a wonderful way to experience cannabis, so go give them a try!

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