In the world of psychiatry, BPD is certainly one of the most talked about diagnosis. It can be tempting to associate many of the mental issues to this disorder. However, it is not something that a doctor should do lightly, since it is a tag that can stick to an individual throughout his whole life. Here is a closer look at the borderline personality disorder, to help everyone understand better what it is and its effects on people’s lives.

Getting Help

Before we get into a deep explanation on BPD, let’s first insist that anyone going through the symptoms mentioned in this article can get in touch with an online therapy for a borderline personality disorder. At the very least, it can help them understand if they have BPD tendencies and if they should pursue a regular treatment with the therapists available. Nowadays, it is possible to go through therapy directly from home, which makes it easier for those who have constraints, in terms of movements, but also if they feel more comfortable in their own environment, instead of inside the studio of a therapist. It should also end-up costing less, which is often important for people suffering from mental illness.

Description of Borderline Personality Disorder

Someone who is suffering from BPD is usually quite unstable. It can be noticed by looking at the inconsistency of his relationships, in the past and present. It is often caused by important mood swings that they go through, on a somewhat regular basis, as they face serious difficulties in controlling their emotions. They can be considered self-destructive, as they tend to lose everything and everyone around them. It renders them the perfect victim for suicide attempts. 

These individuals need to initiate a therapy with a psychologist, as it is the main solution to their trouble. They may also end-up moving on to a psychiatrist later on, if drugs need to be taken, in order to soothe their problems. But first, they need to be able to talk about their issues, which are usually centered around fear of abandonment by others, doubled with anger management issues. Their sense of self is often hard to pin down, as it fluctuates between being the greatest and the worse person on earth.

The notion of impulsivity is often an important factor inside a person suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. It can be quite dangerous, as it makes them act without thinking sufficiently. It can push them towards racing their cars up to extreme speed on the road or place their own life in danger in other ways. One way or another, it tends to implicate the people close to them, as they have to go through the person’s extreme mood changes, constantly. And so, it is quite difficult for them to maintain any type of relationship with anyone that they care for. 

It needs to be noted that BPD never goes away. People with this type of behaviour, will always show erratic action patterns and it will almost involve drama, at each turn. It is a chronic dysfunctional behaviour, which lives inside people, in a way that seems natural to them. That is why they often don’t realize that they suffer from BPD. But in truth, they need to be followed by a therapist, to provide them the help they need, when they lose their capacity to think straight, which they often do.

Who can suffer from Borderline personality Disorder?

This disorder starts developing during the teen years. That is why it is almost impossible to determine BPD in someone, before the age of 18. Normally, people suffering from BPD will discover that there is a history of such illness, inside the family. It is a disease that discriminate as it touches more women than men. Research is mentioning a number of 75% being woman, at birth. For some reason, men tend to suffer more from another mental illness, which is PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). Some who are misdiagnosed often simply suffer from depression. When someone is confirmed as a Borderline Personality Disorder, it is not uncommon that we see other mental issues attached to the person, such as anxiety and eating disorders. 

Less than two percent of the population is diagnosed as BPD. That is still quite a high number, when you think about it. In fact, we may wander if this mental illness does not exist in relation to the lives we live today, where we need to perform more and more. It would be no surprise, as it tends to show up at a moment when kids turn into adults. Thankfully, symptoms tend to slow down, if a person receives the necessary help to get better, throughout his younger years. 

What can cause Borderline Personality Disorder?

There are three main factors that can be the cause of BPD. The first is childhood abuse and trauma. It is definitely the most important element, since it covers about 70% of all cases. It can be of various types. Sexual, emotional or physical abuse always leaves traces on a child, and one of them can be BPD. Sadly, it almost always has to do with the parents. Sometimes it is the lack of care received from a mother, while at others, it is about their substance abuse (alcohol and drugs). A lack of distance between genitors and children can also be devastating, on the psyche of a kid. 

The second reason that a person can suffer from BPD is genetics. If the parents or grandparents have suffered from it before, it wouldn’t be surprising that the kids would be afflicted with it, as well, later on. It is not a prerequisite, though.

Finally, it can be of chemical nature. Sometimes, growing up, a person’s brain starts having issues as it can’t control emotions and behaviours properly. That is bound to cause many difficulties for the person, including a higher chance of developing Borderline Personality Disorder.

If you ever receive a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, you should always ask for a second opinion. If it is confirmed, make sure you remain treated, even if only lightly, throughout the rest of your life. 

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