Valuable Tips For Plastic Surgery Aftercare

Plastic surgery is sometimes essential, and other times, it’s an impactful decision that can boost confidence and finally feel at home in your own skin.

While it’s essential to choose the right plastic surgeon to ensure a smooth procedure and receive expected results, it’s also necessary to keep in mind that results often take time.

Whether you’re opting for breast implants, skin tightening, rhinoplasty, or any other aesthetically enhancing procedure, you’ll need time to heal before the full results of the operation can be seen.

Dr. Brandon Ball and several other renowned plastic surgeons recommend the following post-surgery recovery tips for a smooth and pain-free healing journey.

Prioritize Your Doctor’s Instructions

Whatever intriguing tips you might find online, it’s always best to stick to your doctor’s instructions.

After the procedure, your doctor may even provide you with written recovery instructions that will ensure you can avoid infection and other complications that can alter the results of the procedure and leave you in a great deal of heightened pain.

Keep Your Support System In The Loop

It’s never a wise idea to have a sneaky surgical procedure done, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. Instead of attempting to heal secretly and surprise your loved ones with your new look, it’s best to keep your support system in the loop, especially during recovery.

Moreover, you might need to reach out for some additional assistance in the early stages of recovery, so be sure to let your loved ones know.

Take Time Off Work

It’s not recommended to continue working while recovering from any surgical procedure. Your doctor will likely book you off work for a certain period, and it’s best you follow these instructions to give your body the time it needs to heal fully before returning to work.

Follow A Healthy Eating Plan

Nutrition plays a significant part in the body’s ability to heal. So, be sure to create a healthy diet packed with nutritious meal choices, healthy snacks, and a lot of protein.

You can also chat to your practitioner about supplements if you have difficulty following a healthy eating plan. But remember that it’s always best to get nutrition from the right foods rather than supplements.

Don’t Let Pain Build-Up

Your doctor will probably prescribe pain blockers to help you get through the initial phase of recovery. And it’s crucial to use these pain meds correctly.

Take your pain meds according to the doctor’s instructions, even if you don’t yet feel pain festering around the surgical site. If you let the pain build up instead, it will be far more challenging to control your recovery, and infection risks will heighten.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

Even if you consider yourself a bit of a gym bunny, avoiding the gym and any kind of strenuous activity during your recovery phase is best. You can get back to your life as soon as you’re all healed up and your surgical practitioner has given you the green light. 

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