Have you searched for uterine fibroid embolization doctors? How to find the best uterine fibroid embolization doctorsWe recommend educating yourself on interventional radiologists as this is the type of doctor that performs UFE the best uterine fibroid embolization doctors for your needs. Finding a trustworthy and experienced doctor who can provide the care and support you need throughout the treatment process is essential. 

We invite you to meet our panel of highly competent uterine fibroid embolization doctors at USA Fibroids Centre.

have fibroids; how can I know if I am a candidate for embolization?

The vast majority of fibroids can be embolized. In case of doubts or any queries, you can send an email or call our uterine fibroid embolization doctors. After proper diagnosis, our doctors will determine if you are a candidate and set up with appropriate imaging and tests to prepare you for UFE.

Is UFE right for you? 

If your fibroids are interfering with your daily activities, consult our uterine fibroid embolization doctors to determine if UFE is the right treatment option. Together, you can rule out other possibilities and create a plan. The good news, apart from the fact that the procedure is very safe and effective, is that most insurance companies cover UFE. Be sure to check with your insurance provider before making an appointment.

Diagnosis of fibroids

Most patients are evaluated initially with sonography. In candidates for uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), MRI and angio-MRI studies are required to obtain information on their size, number, location, and vascularity.

Treatment options

For the management of fibroids, there are alternatives, surgical and non-surgical, which have their advantages and disadvantages, risks and side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate according to each case:

  • Hysterectomy (open, laparoscopic, or robotic);
  • Myomectomy (open, laparoscopic, or robotic);
  • Hysteroscopy;
  • endometrial ablation;
  • myolysis;
  • Medicines;
  • embolization; and
  • Experimental: high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)

Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE)

It is a minimally invasive procedure for symptomatic fibroids. By embolizing, we stop the blood flow by injecting particles through a microcatheter into the uterine artery after cannulating the femoral artery. The particles reach the capillaries and arterioles of the uterus, obstructing the irrigation of the fibroid, which, by not receiving oxygen, decreases in size or dies. The uterine arteries (right and left) are generally treated in the same session and through the same vascular access in the interventional radiology laboratory under conscious sedation and without general anesthesia.

After the procedure, the patient remains hospitalized for one night under observation of our uterine fibroid embolization doctors to manage post-embolization syndrome. The pain is similar to that of menstruation and is managed with anti-inflammatories and intravenous medications. In the first 24 hours, there may be nausea, vomiting, malaise and mild fever, which are treated with symptoms. Its intensity is minimized in 5 to 7 days.


Studies have shown that upto 95% of women undergoing UFE feel complete or significant relief from the symptoms caused by fibroids. With this procedure, all types of fibroids can be treated in one session; the recurrence of fibroids is not shared and medical evidence has shown that it is a safe procedure.

What is the cost of uterine fibroid embolization in the USA?

The cost of uterine fibroid embolization can vary depending on several factors.  The cost of uterine fibroid embolization in USA factors include the location of the medical facility, the experience and expertise of the medical professionals performing the procedure, the type of insurance coverage you have, and the severity of your condition. 

It is essential to consult with your healthcare provider and insurance company to determine what cost of uterine fibroid embolization may be associated with this procedure and any potential out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. 

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