Types Of Cancers That Mostly Affect Men

In recent decades, people getting infected from deadly diseases and spending the rest of their life time as patients can be commonly seen. Out of those deadly diseases, cancer stands out. It is a particular disease where some of the body cells grow abnormally and spread to other parts of the body as well.

Both men and women face different kind of cancer risks due to aspects like lifestyle and biology, but men are mostly infected by cancer than the women. And also, men have a higher risk of getting cancer and dying from it compared to women. Let us look into the types of cancers that mostly affect men.

Prostate Cancer

This is one of the main type of Cancers commonly seen in men. The Prostate cancer risk comes up as a man gets older. Most prostate cancer patients are found above the age of 65. Some of the risk factors for prostate cancer could be mentioned as mainly age, race, family history, genes and diet. It is way better to start talking with a doctor at an age of 45 itself whether to be tested for Prostate cancer. So, screening of the disease could be done and early detection of the disease or steps to prevention also can be implemented very initially.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most famous types of cancer which men are likely to be infected with. The main reason for this Smoking, but in instances, men who do not smoke can also have lung cancer. Few of the main risk factors of Lung Cancer are smoking tobacco, exposure for cancer causing agents in workplaces, radiation therapy to the lungs and air pollution. Steps for prevention of lung cancer can be simply done by quitting smoking if you are smoker and also by avoiding much exposure in places where cancer causing agents are used and air pollution is occurred.

Skin Cancer

Mostly the men who are exposed to the sun have the higher risk of getting Skin Cancer. Out of them men with fair skin could get skin cancer compared to the men with darker skin. Main risk factors of Skin cancer are exposure to UV light, old age, exposure to chemicals and a weakened immunity system as well. Pathology in cancer can be prevented by using the right skin care products, avoiding the sunlight mainly in the afternoon, having a regular skin check-up and wearing protective clothes when exposing yourself to sunlight and chemicals.

Colon Cancer

Most of the Colon cancer patients can be seen in the age of 50 and above. Main Colon Cancer risk factors can be stated as mainly age, family and personal history on Colorectal cancer, diabetes, excessive weight and over consumption of junk food. Main habit to be followed for the prevention of this cancer is to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables and to follow a low-fat diet routine.

These are Cancers that men are mainly prone to get. Having a knowledge about these cancers can help to save many lives. As well as knowing the steps of prevention and being aware of these cancers can help you to lead a happy and a healthy life.

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